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55+ Safety Net campaign

Domestic abuse is never acceptable, whatever your age.

In the last few years there has been a sharp increase in the number of reported incidents of domestic abuse by people over 55.

In response to this increase we have launched a countywide campaign to empower victims, 55 and over to seek support through the 55 Plus Safety Net.

This campaign is the first of this in kind in the county and focuses on positive outcomes showing what survivors can do now that they couldn't before, using real victim stories which can be seen below.

If you need support, please call 55-Plus Safety Net on 01206 500584.

There are also links to local organisations that can help you.

Domestic abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, sexual or financial and includes controlling behaviour. Below are some of the victim's stories, including how they got support and how their lives have been changed.  (Names and identities have been changed to protect individuals).

Joan's story

Joan is an 81 year old from Essex, who was married for almost 50 years.  She was abused emotionally for a long time until it led to physical abuse. Joan did not go swimming for many years due to her husband's controlling behaviour, however she now has the confidence to go again.

Read more about Joan's story

Jeremy's story

Jeremy is 75 and lives in Essex. Jeremy was a carer for his wife of over 40 years.  He suffered emotional abuse, was constantly being accused of affairs, and was often made to feel guilty for leaving the house.

Read more about Jeremy's story.   

Selene's story

Selene is 60 and lives in Essex. Selene suffered years of emotional abuse at the hands of her ex-wife.  She was belittled and called a freak.

Read more about Selene's story.

Linda's story

Linda is 70 and lives in Essex.  Linda suffered years of physical abuse by her partner, she's not hiding the bruises anymore.

Read more about Linda's story.

Lilian's story

Lilian is 56 and lives in Essex.  Lilian suffered years of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her partner but now feels free.

Brian's story

Brian is 71 and lives in Essex. Brian suffered emotional and financial abuse by a family member.  Not all domestic abuse is within a couple relationship.

If you need support, call 55-Plus Safety Net on 01206 500584.

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