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At home

As you get older, or if you have problems with your health or mobility, then living independently and safely in your home can become increasingly challenging.

You may be finding it difficult to move around. Maybe you're finding it harder to complete some everyday tasks such as cooking or washing. Or you may find that areas of your home such as your bathroom or your kitchen no longer suit your needs and need changing. 

Struggling to stay living in your own home because of health problems while thinking about what you might need to do next can seem overwhelming. But as you look through the pages in this section, you'll see that there are steps you can take which will allow you to safely remain in your home, while holding on to your independence and privacy.

Here you'll find information about the types of support and equipment which you can get at home, the changes you can make to help you live your day-to-day life more easily, and the ways in which you can regain your independence and relearn any skills you've lost as the result of health problems.

And if you do decide that you want to move, you'll also find advice on various types of accommodation that might suit you better, such as sheltered housing, local authority housing, extra care housing and care homes.

Choose one of the pages in the left-hand menu to find out which options might work best for you.


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