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Safety in the home

There are many safety hazards in the home that can lead to accidents. 

Fire safety

In case of a fire emergency, phone the fire brigade on 999.

Find advice about preventing fires in the home on the government's GOV.UK website.

You can ask the Essex County Fire and Rescue Service for a free fire safety check for your home. Book the visit here 

Accidental gas poisoning

If you think you smell gas, call the National Gas Emergency Service 24 hours-a-day on 0800 111 999.

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas which can be emitted from gas heating appliances.  Make sure you have a working carbon monoxide detector.

The Gas Safe Register provide tips on all aspects of gas safety at home. 


The NHS Choices website provides advice on how to prevent falls at home.

Age UK provides advice and various leaflets on preventing falls.

Home security

The CrimeStoppers website has information on crime prevention and how to avoid becoming a victim of crime.

The Essex Police website contains advice on home security.

Scams and bogus callers

If you think that you have been the victim of a scam, call the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 040506 or contact Action Fraud.

Age UK has information aimed at older people on how to avoid being a victim of scams and and on general crime prevention.

The Mailing Preference Service and the Telephone Preference Service provide advice on how to stop unwanted junk mail, unwanted marketing and other calls.

Illegal lending 

The Stop Loan Sharks organisation offer specialist advice to people who have been the victims of illegal loan sharks.

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