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Adult social care: get help from Essex County Council

If you are finding it difficult to look after yourself and manage everyday tasks, you can contact Essex County Council to discuss your care and support needs. The discussion will identify:

  • if you need care and support 
  • the level of care and support you need 
  • how these could be met

If you are assessed to have eligible needs for social care and support, an adult social care worker will agree a care and support plan with you. The plan gives details of:

  • how your support will be provided
  • how much it costs
  • who will be paying for it

If you are not eligible for support, Essex County Council will tell you about organisations that can help you.

Adult social care assessment

To have a discussion about your care and support needs, contact Essex County Council Adult Social Care:

Telephone: 0345 603 7630
Text phone: 0345 758 5592

Carer's assessment

If you look after someone who is ill or disabled, we may be able to offer you some help and support.

To find out more, see Looking after someone.

you can ask for a carer's assessment.

Young carer's assessment

If you are under 18, and you look after someone in your family who is ill or disabled, you can ask for a Young carer's assessment.

See also the Healthwatch Guide for young people with disabilities.

Carers of a child with a disability:

If you are a parent or guardian of a disabled child under 18, you can ask for a needs assessment.  You also have the right to ask for a separate carer's assessment if the assessment for the child does not fully meet all of your needs.

See also Parent carers of disabled children.

Paying for your care

If it is determined you need care and support, a financial assessment would be carried out to see how much the council will pay towards the cost of your care.

Most people have to pay something towards their care.

Read the Care and support statutory guidance on GOV.UK.

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