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Technology for independent living

There are a number of electronic sensors, detectors, monitors, and alarms to help you stay safe in your own home.


Telehealth monitors allow you and those caring for you, to monitor and manage long-term conditions. They will help reduce the need for home visits and visits to your GP.

Find out more information about telehealth and other technology to help you stay safe at home.

Key safes

A keysafe ensures the people who need to access your home, such as family, friends and regular carers, can do so regularly and in an emergency.

You can choose to purchase and fit your own key safe as there are many companies such as the KeySafe Company that you can buy from. 

Technology for people with dementia

There are many different devices and equipment designed for people with dementia. They help make life easier for them and their carers.

The types of equipment include:

  • alarm pendants, to wear around your neck or wrist, that you can press if you have an accident or feel unwell
  • sensors that detect fire, smoke, Carbon monoxide and an overflowing sink or bath
  • burglar alarms and bogus caller alarms 
  • fall detectors, bed sensors and epilepsy sensors that call for help if you fall or become ill
  • memory aids to record daily reminders like taking your medication
  • a device to switch the light on at night

Support from your local council

Your local council may be able to help you install an alarm or telecare equipment. First you need to have an assessment to find out what help and support you need. The support you get depends on the level of care you need. 

More advice and support

The Alzheimer's Society has guidance on 'Assistive technology - devices to help with everyday living'.

Visit AT Dementia for information and advice on assistive technology for people with dementia.

Visit Independent for longer for real-life stories of how technology-enabled care services have made a difference to people needing different types of care and support.

The Disabled Living Foundation's Ask SARA tool gives advice on equipment available and where to get it from.

Careline provides telecare equipment to help you live independently and safely.

Get more advice on how technology can help you stay safe inside and outside your home.

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