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Essex Data and Analysis

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Sourcing, Capacity and Demand Information

Welcome to the sourcing, capacity and demand section. Within this section we will share the data we have on our residents, resources and demand for services within Essex.  The map is in early stages of development, so over time more information will be available for review, however we do hope that the information provided gives you some insight to inform your business decisions now and in the future.


What can I find out on the interactive map?

This interactive map has a number of different segments that can be selected and overlaid onto a map of Essex. You will be able to review information on the following:

  • Essex Demography which will allow you to select and zoom into the relevant boundaries within Essex.
  • Essex assets which will provide you with an insight land availability.
  • Information on our Residential, Nursing and Supported Living homes.
  • Population demand data, such as known areas of deprivation, areas or areas of our older aged population.  
  • Population data from 2016/17 SALT returns on service provision across Essex. 

The information within the interactive map will be updated frequently to support changes in services in demand. Please note that the interactive map will be in developed over the next few months to improve usability. 


How do I use the interactive map and what do the segments mean?

We understand the interactive map seem tricky to understand due to the large amount of data that is available. Incorporated into our Guidance and Definition section we have included:

  • Written guidance on how to use the interactive map
  • Definitions of the different types of data and what it mean 

What does the information on the map tell me?

We understand that you would like from us information on where we have identified where there are potential challenges or gaps in the market, now or  in the future. We have incuded a insight section where Essex experts will provide you their insight on where you may benefit from either developing or shaping your business.  


Last update 5 October 2017

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