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Market Shaping Strategy: Whole System Event

On 21st August 2017, a whole system event was held at the Weston Homes Community Stadium with Essex County Council officers, NHS, district and city councils, the voluntary sector and care providers.

The purpose of the session was to work together to explore and agree how the care market needs to change and how this can be achieved.

The slides from the event can be accessed here.

The notes from the session which capture all the key points are also available.  Please click on the link below.

Provider Workshop Output

A further session is planned for 21 August 2017 with the whole system which will include ECC Officers, CCG's, District Councils, Providers and VCS organisations.  This session will look at finalising how we think the care market needs to change moving forward, and how, together, we might start to go about achieving this.


Last Updated:  25 October 2017



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