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Going out

For all sorts of reasons you may be finding it hard to get out and about.

You might have health problems or a disability, or maybe your knees or joints don't seem to work as well as they used to.

Or perhaps you just feel that you don't seem to have the energy you once did.

Getting out, meeting people and doing fun things is important to keep mentally and physically healthy. Staying in can get you down a bit after a while as it can lead to boredom or even loneliness.

But the good news is there's a tremendous amount going on near you; from things to do in groups, to just reading the paper, or chatting over a coffee.

We've a lot of information here that can help you get out and about in your local community.

You can meet new people, develop new or existing skills and have fun. You can explore adult education classes, drop-in centres, volunteering opportunities and social activities - for people of all ages and abilities.

There's also information about transport to get to these places if you need it, though some of these things can even be done at home.

Choose from one of the options on the left-hand menu for some ideas. There's also some useful information in the boxes on the right.

And have a look at our Events page for details of all sorts of things going on in your local area. Why not give them a go and even try something new?

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