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Social activities

Going out and meeting people is an important part of life; it can really help lift our mood and make us feel a part of the community. 

Sometimes though, as we get older, or if we have health problems, going out can be more difficult. And if we find it hard to go out and do the things we enjoy, it can make us feel lonely, bored, or depressed.

Finding ways to socialise can help the aged, the disabled or those who are unwell feel less isolated or lonely and much like their old self again. 

So in this section you'll find ideas for health and social care activities in your local area. You may wish to take a look at our Exercise and Sport, Volunteering or Events pages, for example. 

You may also find our section on Travel and Transport useful if travelling to activities can be difficult. There are details about discounted and accessible travel for senior citizens and those with mobility issues.

If you're thinking about going back into education, then remember it's never too late. There are classes that are accessible to everyone, and have flexible ways of learning. For more information, see our Education pages.

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