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Respite services



If you need a break from caring for the adult you look after, Essex County Council may be able to help.

To find out if it Essex County Council can, contact Carers First. 

How Carers First can help

Carers First can help you identify and access suitable breaks for you, the person you care for, or your whole family, as well as help organise a care or carer's assessment with the council.

Breaks for carers of cared-for people who have had a care assessment

If the person you look after has had an assessment of their needs, their care and support plan may have provision for respite care. This may be provided as:

  • support in a care home where the person you are looking after goes for a short stay
  • day care, where the person you are looking after goes to a day centre, or take part in activities away from home, allowing you a break from caring
  • someone to sit with and help out with the person

To arrange a care assessment for someone you care for, contact Essex County Council Adult Social Care on 0345 603 7630.


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