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Health conditions

Being diagnosed with an illness can be a worrying time. You may feel that you're in a hopeless situation, or be confused by the medical jargon. 

On these pages you can find out information about common long-term illnesses and conditions, explained in straightforward language without too many technical terms. You'll also be able to find details about possible treatments and advice. 

We've included links to local and national organisations who offer support and advice for particular conditions. Many organisations hold local support groups where people are able to talk with others facing the same health issues. Often it feels as though we're the only one going through such problems, and meeting with others in the same situation can make us feel much less alone.

The information on Living Well Essex is gathered from NHS Choices and other medical websites. When researching your condition, make sure you're reading information from a reputable source. It's easy to find incorrect or misleading information on websites which don't base their content on proven medical research and advice.

Other information and advice

For information, advice and guidance on short-term common illnesses and conditions not featured here (like acne, diarrhoea, headaches and migraines, for example) Healthwatch Essex has some advice available that you might also find useful in their guide to health and well-being for young people.

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