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Access to health

Access to Health - Packs for Adults

On the 28th April 2017, Essex launched Access to Health packs for Adults with Learning Disabilities or with anxiety to share health related experiences with the Adult.

Jenny Peckham has worked to develop technical devices for Providers or the Adult to use to share the process and experience of visiting Hospitals and more specifically going into an ambulance and into Accident and Emergency. 

It is expected through using these devices providers will be able to reduce the anxiety of an Adult by sharing these processes prior to the experience so that an Adult is aware or can be more understanding when experiencing similar experiences.

These videos have been included below to allow you to have the ability to share these without necessarily having one of the devices developed.

If you would like a copy of the hand held device or would like more information please contact us using the


What to expect in A&E



What to Expect in an Ambulance 



What happens when you have an MRI


 Updated 21st September 2017


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