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Assistive Technology


Imagine a future where Essex residents can plan, arrange and manage their care using technology - and where electronic and digital assistive technology becomes the 'norm' for improving customers lives.

Through our Technology Enabled Care (TEC) programme we are working providers in order to make the county's Adult Social Care sustainable for the future and make technology enabled care the default approach for all dealing with our customers.

We want to work with our providers to make this happen in two key ways:

  • Innovating how we meet the needs of adults within the service - with all providers and staff understanding the opportunities of care technology to help residents remain independent.  In other words, we want to make sure the right kit gets to the right people for their individual needs.

Your carers are best placed to help us with this.

  • Supporting our operations - with our providers using digital technology in all aspects of delivery, helping to ensure efficiency and a more joined-up offer.  We want to explore how technology can support the handling of information and enabling flexible and mobile working.

You know what works best for your business.  We want your good examples of how technology has helped your business and customers. If you have some great ideas that you would like to share please get in touch;



Essex County Council strives to be a digital leader.  As part of that agenda ECC has initiated a Technology Enabled Care Programme (TEC) to look at innovations in new technology that can help our residents with their Social Care needs. The TEC Programme is aiming to improve customer experience with the ultimate ambition of making technology enabled care the 'default' approach for all dealings with our customers.

From this work, we know that there is lots of evidence to suggest that the use of assistive technology can help to increase or maintain citizens' independence. It can be used to meet their outcomes in innovative ways. ECC is dedicated to working in partnership with providers to maximise the use of Assistive Technology Care solutions to enable sustainable Adult Social Care.

We want to engage with commissioners and providers on the latest opportunities for Care Technology. We need your help to innovate on how we meet with the needs of adults within the service and how technology can be used to support the workforce.


Latest Technology

There's lots of new technology out there and it changes all the time. So in through our work in the TEC programme and through these web pages we will be sharing with you are Latest Technology insights from attendance at conferences and sharing expert knowledge in the field. Refer to Latest Technology for further information. 


Latest Initiatives

Here we will share any latest initiatives that could be of interest. You can find details on the Latest Initiatives page. 


What is Assistive Technology?

Definitions of Digital, Equipment and Assistive Technology

Digital, Equipment and Assistive Technology will form an integral role in meeting the support needs of adults within this service and supporting the service to operate in a joined up and efficient manner.

Assistive Technology includes but is not limited to;

  • Telecare
  • Mobile devices and apps
  • Assistive technology (monitored as well as stand-alone devices such as sensors)
  • Skype and videoconferencing for real time communication
  • Internet online booking and purchasing services
  • Online market and support matching services
  • Social media, forums and chatrooms for keeping in touch
  • Telehealth
  • Telemedicine


Last Updated:  02 November 2017

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