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November 2018


Market Briefing on Allied Healthcare

Further to the announcement by Allied Healthcare on 16 November 2018 that they would be selling or transferring their care and support services, Allied Healthcare announced on 28 November 2018 their intention to sell the company to CRG Homecare.   

The sale will enable the transfer of all services to CRG on the same day and CRG will therefore be responsible for delivery of care from that point.  In addition, all current Allied Healthcare staff, including senior management will be transferred to CRG at the same time.

Essex County Council have identified that this will affect over six hundred people within the county.  These individuals are either receiving a Reablement service which is a short and intensive service for up to 6 weeks delivered to people in their own home or they are receiving long term domiciliary care.

Essex County Council has taken the decision to deal with the two services in different ways.


Essex County Council will terminate the current Reablement at Home service with Allied Healthcare and direct award a Reablement service to Essex Cares Limited for a period up to 3 May 2021.

The contract period will enable Essex County Council and the CCGs to continue to review its long term strategy for intermediate care and to engage with the market on potential future models.  The contract term also aligns with the end of the Live at Home framework.

Domiciliary Care

Current domiciliary care, extra care and 24 hour care services with Allied Healthcare will remain with Allied Healthcare, under the new ownership of CRG Homecare.  

We would like to thank all Live at Home organisations who expressed an interest in the domiciliary care transfer and to thank our care providers generally for your continued support through this difficult time.

Should you have any questions or concerns or wish to discuss please contact


IRN 2019 - Tender Update

ECC and CCGs will be opening up a Tender at the Beginning of December 2018, subject to governance, for the new Older People Residential Services Framework, which will become operational in June 2019.

ECC and CCGs have completed a number of workshops and surveys with the market, we have listened to the valuable feedback provided by providers to understand what would be needed to incentivise providers to join a framework. The new offer includes; Increasing rates on the framework for both residential and nursing services, rationalisation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Management Information (MIs) and the bidding process has been streamlined to make it easier to become a framework provider. ECC are also committed to investigating a way of implementing 3rd Part Top Ups on the framework and work is continuing to facilitate this.

There are plans to hold a bidder information event held following the launch of the tender, final details will be sent out to providers. There will also be a number of library drop in sessions organised. Currently the following session has been confirmed;

  • Braintree Library 10am - 12pm Thursday 13th December

We are in the process of finalising other session across the other districts and these will be advertised on the events section of the Care Information Provider Hub (/events-provider-hub/forthcoming-events-and-training/)

If you have any questions please direct them to the IRN mailbox (


Important: Public Health England advice regarding assessments in hospitals affected by norovirus

Norovirus outbreaks are unfortunately a common problem in care homes and acute hospitals. Whilst unpleasant there are rarely any complications in those affected other than dehydration. The major problem is the interruption to services when staff are affected and patients and care home residents require isolation and extra nursing care.

Although many people may have norovirus in their stools in general it is those who have acute diarrhoea and vomiting who are likely to spread it.  Prevention of onward spread from cases requires careful attention to hand hygiene and appropriate use of gloves and aprons.

There is no justification for avoiding contact with asymptomatic individuals, even in affected areas in hospital or care homes, providing good hygiene is practiced. Care staff should therefore continue to conduct assessments in hospitals affected by norovirus. Now that we have entered the winter season the risk of contact with a case (whether identified or not) is as likely in the general community as in hospital.

Further detailed guidance is available at:


Dedicated 111 service for Care Homes (Mid and South Essex)

Care homes across Mid and South Essex can gain rapid access to GP support when calling NHS 111, by following the *6 process. The *6 process supports the evidence base that early intervention from GPs can have a positive impact on care home patients.

When care home staff call the NHS 111 service they will be given an option to press *6 and their call will be answered by a 111 advisor as soon as a call handler is available. By dialling *6 the call handler will be alerted that the call they are about to take is from a care home.

The call handler will take the patient's details, complete a short initial screening process and then pass the caller to a GP for a detailed assessment by telephone.

Following this assessment the GP will identify the appropriate course of action that should be taken in terms of continued care for the patient.

Note: During normal working hours, care homes should continue to contact the residents own GP, or the care homes aligned Practice, in the first instance.

If you have any questions please contact IC24 at


The Dementia Challenge

How could you support Essex County Council to improve the lives of people living with Dementia, their families and Carers in the community?

Dementia can make people feel alone, frustrated and like they have lost their identity. People can no longer do the things they once enjoyed and have greater care needs putting an emotional and physical strain on all involved.

There are real opportunities for innovation in Essex to ensure that people have the best support available to live well with dementia. We want Essex to be more inclusive for everyone living with dementia and empower people to live the life they want in the community for as long as possible.

Please email with your ideas and suggestions by 31st December 2018

Click here to view Facts, Our Priorities and Current Provision


Winter Pressures 2018/19 Winter FAST TRACK ACCEPTANCE PAYMENT

ECC are pleased to announce the commencement of a new initiative the Winter Fast Track Acceptance Payment as a result of money recently received to support winter pressures 18/19.

The aim of this payment is to support all our domiciliary, residential and nursing framework providers to secure resource during the winter period to help speed up discharge from hospital or interim care during the winter period by gifting £500 for each placement that is made that supports the aim.

The initiative commences on 16th November 2018 and is planned to continue until 30th April 2019.

Framework Providers will have received full details of the terms and how the payments will be made by email. For any queries or further information please contact us at


GSF Care Home Programme 

We are delighted to be able to offer an excellent opportunity for nursing and residential homes to take part in the Gold Standard Framework Programme for Care Homes.

This programme is recognised by CQC and has been shown to improve quality of end of life care for residents. It has also been shown to improve staff retention.

Funding has been made available for train the trainer sessions to be delivered to 2 senior staff from each care home. It is hoped that care homes will then implement the Gold Standard Framework and progress towards accreditation.

This programme is supported by the CCG and Essex County Council and is being hosted at St Helena Hospice.  This training will support the end of life training requirements identified within the IRN framework contract specification. We hope to launch the second wave of trainer training in March 2019. Places will be allocated first to interested nursing homes and subsequently to interested residential homes.

To find out more information, St Helena have arranged a free open access information session on Thursday, December 6th 2018 from 14:00-16:00.

Home care flyer

Interest session


A unique opportunity to join My Home Life Essex!

We are very pleased to announce the next cohort of the My Home Life Leadership support Programme for residential care home managers and deputy managers. This programme is open to both Older People and Adults with Disabilitiy/Learning Disability Residential Care services.

'My Home Life' is a UK wide initiative that promotes quality of life and delivers positive changes. It is based on a vision for best practice that is evidence based and relationship centred, led by City University in partnership with Age UK.    

The Programme provides an opportunity to re-examine and grow leadership roles, develop new skills and lead on best practice.

Cohort 21 commences in February 2019.  To book a place please complete this booking form and return to   

More information on My Home Life can be found at;


New approach to tackling loneliness and social isolation 

Essex County Council has been working with a wide range of system partners to develop a new approach to tackling loneliness and social isolation. Through this work we have developed four key ambitions for communities and citizens across Essex, and we are progressing multiple strands of activity to contribute to achieving these ambitions.

We have used the extensive insight gathered from partners across Essex to shape very high level ideas around a new approach to addressing loneliness and social isolation and we would like to share these with you.

This Market Event will be a follow up meeting to the events we held across the county in May 2018 where we will be sharing our new approach and you are able to come with your own questions and enquiries.

This event will take place at County Hall, Chelmsford on Tuesday 20th November with a start time of 10am. Please come to Reception where you will be collected and escorted to the Council Chambers.

You will need to book on to this event using the Eventbrite link below


Re-opening of Live at Home framework

We are pleased to announce that the Live at Home framework (LHRL) and the LHRL annual review have now re-opened.  This is an opportunity for domiciliary care providers who have not yet joined the framework, to apply to do so.  Benefits of being a part of the LHRL include:

  • Being offered packages before spot providers. Currently we issue a spreadsheet on daily basis showing all available packages in a district from which providers select the ones they are interested in. This allows providers to understand the spread of packages across a district which in turn can support them to build efficient and sustainable rounds.
  • Participation in group transfer processes via group batching and/or mini-competitions that allow framework providers to bid for groups of packages prior to these being offered to the spot market
  • The opportunity to work more strategically with the Council to help shape the way Adult Social Care commissions domiciliary care services in the future.

For new bidders, if you would like to be invited to submit your bid, please email with the appropriate contact email address for your organisation.  We will add your details to Delta (our e-sourcing tool) which will generate an automated email to your designated email with a link to the Live at Home tender.  From there you will need to register to be able to access the documents and submit your response.

Existing framework providers are required to submit an updated pricing matrix in order to remain active on the framework from 7th April 2019.  All existing providers should have received an email with a link to the relevant tender.  If you have not, please email us at  To support the current LHRL providers in completing the documentation for this process, an event is being held in the Council Chambers, County Hall, Chelmsford CM1 1QH on Thursday 8th November 2018 from 10:00am to 11:00am where we will share information about the process and respond to any questions you may have.  There are still tickets available for this - please email us at the above address for the link to event and password.

Please note this event is for existing providers only.  There are no tickets left for the event for new bidders, however, slides and information from this event will be posted on these pages.


October 2018


Safe and Well Visits

fire essex logo 

Our Safe and Well Officers can fit smoke detectors,and specialist sensory alarms if required. We risk assess each home we visit, ensuring that the right alarms are fitted in the most appropriate places.

On every visit we'll discuss...

Fire Safety

As you would expect, we'll talk about fire safety, and give advice and guidance on how the resident can live more safely at home. We'll talk about the importance of having working smoke alarms, situated in the best places in the home. We'll ensure they have an escape route planned, that everyone who lives at the property knows about. We'll talk about the little things someone can do to protect themselves and their property from fire, such as shutting internal doors at night or replacing box plugs. And we'll talk about the most dangerous rooming their home - the kitchen.

Home Security

All of our Safe and Well Officers are trained basic Home Security Advisors. That means they can offer information, advice and guidance about how the resident could make their home less vulnerable to burglars and fraudsters. We'll discuss the security of their doors and windows, and where they keep their keys. We'll look at the perimeter of the property and may be able to suggest ways of making it less vulnerable to burglars. We'll make sure they know our key personal safety messages, especially in relation to doorstep fraud.

If someone needs it, we can also offer help with...


If a resident can't easily move around the house, they may find it more difficult to leave the property in a fire. All of our Safe and Well Officers are fully trained, Trusted Assessors and can offer advice and guidance if an individual is concerned about their mobility or slipping, tripping or falling. We can also order a range of equipment, such as grab rails to help at home. Most items can be ordered and fitted within five working days, free of charge.

Health and Wellbeing

Often, there is other health and wellbeing related factors that can increase an individual's vulnerability to fire or burglary at home. If they need extra support or guidance related to their health, wellbeing or lifestyle, and we aren't the expert, chances are we know who is. During a Safe and Well Visit, we can help people to find the support they need, and refer them directly to appropriate services and organisations. We're always willing to listen, and help where we can.

Our Service Values;

We are Open, Honest & Trustworthy, We are Courageous in everything we do, We work as One Team, We are always Professional, We value the Contribution of all.

follow these links:

call to action

information sheet 


Recovery Model For Adult Social Care 

what is it?

Essex County Council Adult Social Care is looking to transform the way that it supports Essex residents.

You may have heard of the Recovery Model. It is a model that has been embraced by Mental Health services across the UK for a number of years.

The Recovery model recognises that whilst people may not have full control over a condition that has placed some restrictions on their lives it does allow people to have full control over their own lives. The model supports a way forward that looks beyond any life restrictions but rather focuses on current abilities, interests, hopes and dreams and encourages people to move forward to set new goals and utilise resources and support currently available around them.

By building and adding to our existing strength based approach to social care we will adopt a change of culture.  At foundation level the recovery approach reinforces Social Care staff to have discovery led conversations with Essex residents to support them to improve their lives and achieve the outcomes that matter to them

who is it for?

Alongside ECC Social Work staff the training will also let ECC partner organisations in the form of Care Provider services (both Residential and Domiciliary) to understand the model that we are striving to work to.

1.Understand and explore the concept of recovery in relation to clients facing different challenges (mental health, learning disability/autism, physical impairments and long term health conditions, dementia)

2.Explore the implications of a recovery approach in relation to individual clients

3.Develop a more recovery-oriented approach in their work

4. Explore the implications of a recovery approach in relation to key areas of work ( discharges,safeguarding/risk,Autism/Learning Disability and Long Term Health Conditions) and develop more recovery-focused practice in these areas.

current availabilities:

Choice of A.M or P.M sessions on each day:

22nd October Weston Homes, Colchester  (30 spaces available on each session)

25th October Writtle College, Chelmsford  (30 spaces available on each session)

5th November Holiday Inn, Basildon  (30 spaces available on each sessions

Am session is 9.30am to 12.30pm

Pm session is 1.30pm to 4.30pm



Tovertafel 'Magic Table' Pilot - Expressions of Interest

The Quality Innovation team are looking for Two Residential Care homes or supported living services for people Living with a learning disability and or Autism to pilot the innovative Tovertafel ('Magic Table' in Dutch).

The Tovertafel projects, onto a table, a series of games for people living with a learning disability and or Autism, engineered to encourage instinctive participation, inviting engagement and stimulating a level of physical and social activity. The games were developed specifically for people with a learning disability and or Autism and can be played both independently and under supervision.

The pilot will require the home to undertake observations of interaction and record their emotional wellbeing, their engagement and attention with the activity and whether there is a difference in their behaviours before and after interaction with the Tovertafel. We would also like to hear how and when the Tovertafel is used to support people living with a learning disability and or Autism, for example at night when a resident wakes and is restless, unable to settle again or late afternoon when a person may become agitated, as group sessions or individually.

The expectation of the pilot is the home will fully utilise the Tovertafel making it available to residents at all times.

The Tovertafel and 8 games will be provided free of charge and installed by the supplier of the Tovertafel, however there are important installation requirements which the home must ensure are in place prior to installation, details can be found here.   

Installation requirements and information:

Tovertafel original

Installation requirements

Power supply and installation

Height of Tovertafel

If you would like to take part in the pilot or would like to discuss in more detail please email


Prosper project published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

Essex County Council's award winning Prosper project has just had an article published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine detailing the findings of its initial first 2 years following an evaluation undertaken by UCL Partners.  Prosper is now in its 4th year and continues to evolve through partnership working with with care providers. If you would like to be involved in Prosper email:

Follow this link to see the article:


Launch of the Red Bags in Mid Essex on 1st October 2018


Please see message below sent on behalf of Mid Essex CCG,

Following the engagement events with Care Home representatives in September, please see below refreshed paper work for Care Homes in support of the Red Bags Hospital Pathway.

Representatives from the Mid Essex CCG visited Care Homes on 1st of October to deliver the Red Bags. We expect the care homes to start using the Red Bags for their patients from 1st of October 2018.

The information below needs to be included in the Red Bag when the patient is taken to hospital:

Following information from the attachments below:

1)         The Red Bags checklist 

2)         Care home to hospital form - these needs to be completed when an ambulance is called for patient to be taken to hospital

3)         Health Care Summary Record

4)         Confidentiality form - this stays on the front of the bag

5)         Reminder card - this stays in the bag

6)         Cleaning instruction - this stays in the bag


Following additional information the Care Home needs to include:

1) Personal belongings including  pair of clothes, glasses, hearing aid, denture, etc..

2) Readily available medication such as inhaler, eye drops, prescribed cream, etc..

3) A Medication Administration Record (MAR sheet)

4) Weight Chart

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for attending the engagement events in September and supporting the Red Bags hospital pathway for the Care Home residents, which we hope will help improve their experience and quality of care while in the hospital.

 Kind regards,

 Procurement Services


Colchester Bus Stop reallocation

The County Council has been working in partnership with Colchester Borough Council 

and the commercial bus operators to make changes to the use of bus stops around Colchester. Key improvements will include bus service punctuality, reductions in bus stop congestion and better customer information in relation to the services using a bus stop.

The changes will be implemented from Sunday 21 October and a press release has been communicated.

So that you are updated with all communications, please see below  a letter giving details of the changes, a document showing common questions we anticipate will be asked and 3 further documents:

.           Letter giving details of changes

.           Document showing common questions we anticipate will be asked

.           Colchester Bus Stand Leaflet

.           Colchester Bus Stand Poster

.           Colchester Bus stop map



Service Placement Team Christmas 2018 and New Year Cover

Please click on the below image for SPT cover over Christmas and New Year.

SPT Xmas 2018


September 2018


Extension of NHS seasonal influenza vaccination for care workers

In 2017 NHS England provided additional funding to support the delivery of flu immunisation for social care workers that offer direct patient/client care. This will continue in 2018/19 and will be extended to include health and care staff in the voluntary managed hospice sector that offer direct patient/client care. The vaccinations will be offered by GP practices and community pharmacies.

The extension to the seasonal influenza vaccine will be available to:

  • Health and social care staff, employed by a registered residential care/nursing home or registered domiciliary care provider, who are directly involved in the care of vulnerable patients/clients who are at increased risk from exposure to influenza. Vulnerable means those patients/clients in a clinical risk group for flu or who are aged 65 years and over.
  • Health and care staff, employed by a voluntary managed hospice provider, who are directly involved in the care of vulnerable patients/clients who are at increased risk from exposure to influenza. Vulnerable means those patients/clients in a clinical risk group for flu or who are aged 65 years and over.

Any queries can be directed to NHS England at


You could claim money towards developing your employees

If you're an adult social care employer in England, you can claim the Workforce Development Fund (WDF) towards the costs of your employees completing adult social care qualifications and learning programmes. WDF funding is made available by the Department of Health and disbursed nationally by Skills for Care. This funding is allocated locally throughout Essex, Southend and Thurrock by Essex Care Training Partnership.

You can claim for qualifications and learning programmes completed between 1 January 2018 and 31 March 2019. You can claim WDF towards the cost of course fees (or employer contributions) and associated costs, such as employees' salaries whilst they are undertaking training, coaching and mentoring costs, venue costs for the training and wage replacement costs. You can also claim WDF towards the cost of some Apprenticeships.

The WDF contribution depends on the size of the qualification or learning programme. All qualifications and learning programmes are funded up to the value advertised on completion. A maximum of £1,200 can be claimed per learner per funding year. Funding years run from 1 April to 31 March.

Here are some examples of what could be claimed:
. Level 2 Diploma in Care: £690
. Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care: £870
. Level 4 Diploma in Adult Care: £1,050
. Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People's Services, adult pathways: £1,200
. Level 5 Certificate of Fundamental Knowledge in Commissioning for Wellbeing: £300
. 'Lead to Succeed' learning programme: £350

To find out more please contact tel: 01268 565551 or email


Essex Care Association Breakfast Conference

The next Essex Care Association (ECA) Breakfast conference is scheduled for the 6 November 2018 at the Best Western Marks Tey Hotel in Colchester.

Keynote speaker is CQC Inspection Manager, Victoria Rose who will present on Driving Improvement in Social Care. Also presenting will be Councillor John Spence, Cabinet Member for Adults and Health for Essex County Council along with Attwells Solicitors giving an update on the 'sleep in' crisis, Citation presenting on HR Issues and as usual representatives from Essex County Council.

Please see the attached draft flyer for more information (this is subject to change). 


August 2018


ECC's Market Position Statement

As a commissioning organisation ECC periodically produces a Market Position Statement to understand our care market to ensure we have the right provision in place both now and in the future. Our aim is create a stable market that can meet demand.

Traditionally our statement would be a downloadable document which would be reviewed again in a number of years. However, our Provider Hub allows us to be more dynamic and offer a 'live' document, allowing the information to be up to date and relevant, based on the latest data.

The Hub offers Essex providers a wealth of information including our current activity, future vision and commissioning intentions, opportunities for providers, latest news and events, statistical data, contractual information, contact details, resources, quality and workforce initiatives. With open access to available opportunities, including free training courses, as well as giving providers the opportunity to help shape the site we believe this gives our providers something unique.

You can view our Vision pages here, which include the previous MPS document. As always we welcome your feedback. Is the Hub the right platform for a Market Position Statement? Is the current information helpful to your organisation? Please send any comments to


Hospital Transfer - "The Red Bags Scheme"

The Hospital Transfer - "The Red Bags Scheme",  helps provide a prompt, safe and efficient transfer of clinical care, when a resident moves between a care home/nursing home and other clinical settings, such as; hospitals.

Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group and partner organisations (care homes, hospital and ambulance service) have agreed to adopt this scheme as part of NHS England's New Care Models programme to improve the quality of care for the residents in care home and nursing home settings, as well as to better support communication between local care homes, ambulance service and hospitals.         

The aim of this initiative is to help Mid Essex care home residents receive an improved experience and quicker transfer if they become acutely unwell and need to go to hospital. As well as quicker and effective person-centred treatment upon arrival by ensuring medical teams have the relevant information to assess and provide the appropriate treatment plan. At the point of discharge, the care home has the relevant information to enable continuity of care and that all patient property is returned.

With this in mind, the Mid Essex CCG has agreed with partner organisations to launch the Red Bags in Mid Essex on 1st October 2018. Each care home and nursing home will be provided with set allocation of the Red Bags that the homes will use when a patient gets admitted in the hospital.

To support the launch of the Red Bags and speak to you and your colleagues to take your view and feedback in planning of the launch, The Mid Essex CCG have organised four soft launch events in four localities for Care home and Nursing home colleagues. We want to invite you and your care home/ nursing home staff to attend one of these events at a care home/nursing home near you. Dates and venue details are as per below:

  1. 10/09/18  from 2pm - 4pm - St Georges Care Home, 18-20 Avenue Rd, Witham CM8 2DT
  1. 11/09/18 from 2pm - 4pm - Admirals Reach Care Home, Ridgewell Ave, Chelmsford CM1 2GA
  1. 13/09/18 from 2pm - 4pm - St Peters Hospital, Spital Rd, Maldon CM9 6EG 
  1. 14/09/18 from 2pm - 4pm - St Marys Court Residential Care Home,  St Mary's Court, Deanery Hill, Braintree CM7 5SR

Please come and join us to have a chat about the Red Bags and share your views and ideas over a cup of tea/coffee.

Please contact or  if you have any queries on the above or require further information.


Funding announced to prevent homelessness and insecure shelter

Information regarding grants available to fund projects / activities to prevent homelessness and insecure shelter is available in this flyer


Guidance on outbreaks of influenza (flu) in care homes

Public Health England has just released the latest guidance for outbreaks of flu in care homes, including what to look out for and how to prevent and control an outbreak.


Essex Care Sector Awards 2018: The Prospers

The nomination window for this year's Essex Care Sector Awards opens on Monday 6th August 2018.  There are 14 awards up for grabs!  The Awards are open to all sectors of care including Domiciliary Care, Day Care, Residential Care Homes, Nursing homes and Learning disability services.

To enter download the nomination form and category criteria and email completed forms to by 5pm 21st September 2018.

Shortlisted entries will be invited to the awards gala ceremony taking place on the 4th December at the Chelmsford City Racecourse where the winners will be announced.

Thank you to our sponsors for this year's awards; Florence, Tovertafel and Training2Care.

Flyer for the event.



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