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Covid-19 Capacity Tracker

Accessing the tracker

Community providers* and Residential providers are expected to update the Capacity Tracker regularly to ensure the rapid flow of data, which is so vital to support social care services throughout the pandemic.

The Capacity tracker is available at

Please ensure you update the tracker regularly, bi-weekly as a minimum.

*Community providers included are: domiciliary care services, extra care housing schemes & supported living schemes



Community Providers:

Residential Providers:

The Guidance Document tells you how to set up vacancy information, how to update your vacancy information & how to complete adult social care questions. 


Latest Updates

Care Home Vaccine Data Guidance (16.12.2020) - we understand there have been some error messages when homes are trying to enter Covid-19 vaccine data.  In response, the following guidance has been released:

  • Make sure that your data in each columns for first dose and second dose in the CV vaccine section match up e.g. if you have 10 residents, and 5 staff, then there needs to be 10 and 5 in both dose sections. People cannot have had their second dose yet as there needs to be a 3 week gap, so therefore you just need to make sure you're putting numbers against the correct row - i.e. have had the dose, have not had the dose (which will be the case currently for second dose section), or unknown.
  • Please make sure the numbers in the covid vaccine section also match with your flu vaccine data - e.g. if you have 10 staff and 5 residents in your CV vaccine section, you should also have 10 residents and 5 staff in total in your flu section.
  • Please make sure this info also matches up with your workforce section (also under the business continuity section). The information in this part was recently zeroed because we changed the format from FTE to headcount, so this could be another reason it will not let you save if you've not yet updated this part.
  • Finally, please make sure that you have completed the "total number of residents" questions, which is found at the bottom of your vacancy section (as above, the tracker won't let you save unless you have updated this box too).

Residential Providers (09.12.2020)

  • COVID vaccination questions to be added to Capacity Tracker for Care Homes
  • Workforce - now capturing headcount - You will no longer be asked to provide daily workforce data using a Full Time Equivalent (FTE) measure. Instead we will be asking you to provide daily workforce data that tells us the number of people who have worked in the care home that day, regardless of the number of hours they have worked.  On Thursday evening, current data captured in Workforce will revert to 0 to enable you to input the new headcount information.
  • Costs and Vacancies - now capturing Resident numbers Providers will be asked to complete the new field "Total number of Residents today" within the Costs and Vacancy section. This will help provide a more accurate view of progress with flu immunisation and COVID vaccinations of residents
  • Flu ImmunisationsThe question relating to experiencing delays or issues with flu immunisations has been split out to identify if there are issues being experienced by residents or staff or both.



If you have any questions you can call the official helpline at 0191 691 3729 or email:


 Last Updated: 23 February 2021

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