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Weekly FAQs

To help you find answers to dynamic issues which have an immediate relevance we have created this page with the questions and answers from the weekly webinar, along with any other questions relating to key current issues. You can still access the main FAQs and we will continue to post updates on the Hub news pageWe hope that you find this useful and we send an additional thank you to all providers who attend the weekly Q&A session after the webinar.


21.06.20 - 26.06.20



If a staff member decides to travel aboard for a holiday, returns from the holiday and takes a Covid test before returning to work; can they return to work before the 14-day quarantine period if they test negative?

No, the viral test cannot tell if someone is incubating the virus.


Is there any work on the antibody testing for care home. and would if follow the same distribution the swab testing did.  65+ and filtered downwards?

Antibody testing has not yet been rolled out for general use.  Work is going on assess the best way to use this type of testing.  We will have to await national guidance.


Infection Control

Re Covid Response fund - please can you clarify whether the total claim should not exceed 10% of the invoiced amount in March.

Yes that's correct


The infection control fund. With ECC guidance being difference to central for isolation. 14 day vs 7 days. can it be confirmed what would need to be paid 7 or 14 days to the isolating member of staff

We would support use of the Infection Control Fund for 14 days absence


When the 1+ meter rule is in place. will this affect the 2 meter rule for care envrionments

This is not yet certain.  Two metres is definitely safer than 1 + metres.  It is likely the advice to care homes will remain the 2 metres.  Contact tracing is also likely to use 2 metres as a marker of close contact.  It is therefore important that workplaces allow 2 metres distance when personal protective equipment is not being used.


Last Updated: 26/06/20

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