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Infection Control Fund for All Care Homes

Remittance Advice

Please note the remittance advice for infection Control Fund is IFC, your home name and if it is payment 1 or 2 in the description.


Schedule 3 Deadline (Care Home Providers)

Infection Control Grant Schedule 3 returns are due now. Your return should include planned, committed or actual spend between the dates of 14th May and 19th June.  Please also make sure that the amount on your return is equal to or in excess of the first payment amount.  We will require these returns to issue the second payment in July.


Grant Usage Ideas

This document provides a range of ideas ECC has received from providers in relation to the Infection Control Fund for Care Homes, with a view from ECC as to whether it is an acceptable use of the fund or not.  Please note this document will be updated as and when additional ideas / information is received to support providers with the use of the infection control fund.


Update: Amendment to grant agreement terms

Please note the date in clause 3.5 of the Infection Control grant agreements should be construed as the date being 14th May 2020 not 8th June 2020 and that this is agreed by both parties.

Therefore expenditure in relation to this grant that was incurred before 14th May must not be used.



The Minister for Care, Helen Whately MP, wrote to councils to announce an additional £600m of Government funding to support providers through a new 'Infection Control Fund'. The letter states that the fund will support adult care home providers to reduce the rate of transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) in and between care homes and support wider workforce resilience.

Essex will receive £16.3m for our Infection Control Fund, this page outlines the process and provides information on how the fund will be distributed to care homes in Essex.

To be eligible for support from the grant, providers who do not already must complete the daily care home NHS Capacity Tracker.  The fund has been calculated based on the number of beds identified on the NHS Capacity Tracker as of 3rd June.

Care homes which do not currently provide services to ECC will also need to have their details set up on our accounting system, in order to receive any payments. It will expedite payments to these homes if they complete this process as soon as possible.


Process to obtain the first payment:

  1. Read, check and confirm that you agree and accept the terms and schedules of the grant agreement in accordance with the instructions in the letter to
  2. Payment will be made to the provider as soon as possible following receipt of this confirmation in step 1
  3. At a later date (when it is safe to do so), respond to ECC request to send a full grant agreement signed and returned by an authorised signatory


Following the first payment:

  • Each provider will need to maintain appropriate records of how the Infection Control Money has been spent using this template which will be used to confirm the monies have been used for the appropriate purposes as outlined in the grant terms and conditions.
  • The template must be submitted to by 4pm on 23rd June to release the second payment in July.

(You will see from the Local Authority Circular that the council may be required to provide this evidence to the Department for Health and Social Care).

Process to obtain the second payment will be contingent on the evidence supplied in the template that the first payment was used for infection control.

Any questions in relation to the fund should be emailed to


NECSU (Capacity Tracker) Assistance

Telephone number for providers needing help with NECSU - 0191 691 3729

Capacity Tracker Daily Checklist

Benefits of the tracker


Last Updated: 24 June 2020


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