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Booking 2nd COVID-19 vaccination dose

Information for health and social care workers on arranging second doses of COVID-19 vaccine

For maximum protection against COVID-19, youneed two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. It's really important that you have the same vaccine (either Pfizer or AstraZeneca) for your second dose, as you had for your first. Please find details of how to arrange your second dose below. Please make sure you bring proof of identification and eligibility (e.g. your work ID) with you to your COVID-19 vaccination appointments (you will not be given your vaccination without it).


If you had your first dose at Southend, Basildon or Broomfield Hospital (Pfizer) before 30 December 2020

You should now have a second dose appointment booked. Please check your online account at for details.


If you had your first dose at Southend, Basildon or Broomfield Hospital (Pfizer) on or after 30 December 2020

You can book your second dose online at Please log on using the same details you used for your first dose appointment.


If you had your first dose at one of EPUT's large vaccination sites (AstraZeneca)

You should book your second dose of vaccine via the national booking system. Please select the same vaccination centre as where you had your first dose.

If you have had your first dose of vaccination at one of our sites but are unable to book your second dose through the national booking system, please let us know by email to, so that we can ensure that your vaccination record is updated on the system.

Please do not worry if your record on Shift Partner does not show that you have had your first dose of vaccine; this is separate to your vaccination record.


If you had your first dose at Colchester or Ipswich hospitals

If you booked your first dose after registering online, you will have been sent an email the day after your first dose appointment asking you to book your second appointment 11-12 weeks later. 

If you attended Colchester or Ipswich hospital as a "walk in" without prior booking, you will need to register at in order for your second vaccination to be organised. Please email if you have any issues registering or any queries around the vaccination process. 


If you had your first dose at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow. 

Update: 23.03.2021

2nd doses have been rescheduled and new appointments have been made if you have booked booster appointments.

If you have not received a cancellation or a new appointment then please email with your full name and DOB so that an appointment can be scheduled.

Princess Alexandra Hospital will only be vaccinating from now until 30th March then from 8th to 14th April.

This is for staff members who received their 1st dose at Princess Alexandra Hospital only.


Vaccinations at any other locations

If you had your appointment in a community location such as a GP surgery or community centre the provider of that service will make arrangements for your second appointment and will be in contact separately.


You can find more information about the COVID-19 vaccine on

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