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Herbert Protocol

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The Herbert Protocol initiative is named after George Herbert, a War veteran of the Normandy landings, who lived with dementia.

The Herbert Protocol is a national scheme which is being introduced by Essex Police in partnership with other agencies, including the Alzheimer's society, Health and Social care, which encourages carers to compile useful information which could be used in the event of a vulnerable person with Dementia going missing.

The form contains questions for Carers, family members or friends to complete in advance, recording all vital details, including medication required, mobile numbers, places previously located or attended, a photograph, associates, daily routine etc.  In the event of a family member or friend going missing, the form can be easily handed to the police to reduce the time taken in gathering this information, and assist with a quick time focussed response to the missing person.


Necessity for Change:

Wandering and getting lost is common among people with dementia and can happen during any stage of the disease. There is commonality that persons who do wander more often do so with a purpose, i.ei looking for an old address, school, place of work etc. Anyone who has memory problems and is able to walk is at risk for wandering. Even in the early stages of dementia, a person can become disoriented or confused for a period of time.

It is realised that persons with dementia may or indeed will be reported missing at some stage, and due to the effects of dementia on a person, the most up to date and relevant information is required to find the person quickly, minimising risk to them. This document will enable police to make timely

This document will be the responsibility of the family or carer to keep it regularly updated with any new, relevant information.

The document can be downloaded here and an A5 poster is also available.


Last Updated:  25 October 2017


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