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Provider Newsletter June 2019


To the June 2019 issue of Essex County Council's Provider Newsletter.


Workforce Development Innovation Fund

Applications are now open for the Workforce Development Innovation Fund. The fund can support employers looking to change the way they offer their services and can apply for funding to help via the following link: Workforce Development Innovation Fund (WDIF).

The fund is specifically designed to support innovative projects aimed at increasing the skills and knowledge of workers as they develop new ways of offering services to improve the quality of care provided.

Applications will close at 1pm on 28 June 2019


Skills for Care workforce information and support

Skills for Care offers a variety of help and support to providers for issues relating to workforce recruitment and retention. For more information in relation to the following please click here.

Recruiting & Retention Difficulties?

Registered Manager?

Learning Disability / Autism Provider?


Care Worker Survey

Dear Providers,

ECC will shortly be issuing a care worker survey, the aim of which is to understand what care workers think about working in care, why they do so, what makes them stay and ultimately what makes them leave. The data received will be reviewed by the Council with a view to work with providers to tackle issues raised.

We would very much appreciate your assistance in getting your staff to respond to the survey, which is an excellent opportunity for your staff to tell ECC what they think and could result in action that directly benefits them.

We would like to stress the data provided to ECC will be anonymous and responses can't be tracked back to individual employees or employers.

Thank you for your continued support.


Responding to Market Feedback

We have created a page on the Hub to show actions ECC is taking as a direct result of feedback from providers. On the page is a document download that details the actions and status of each one. Please go to our Responding to Market Feedback page to find out more and view the document.


Live at Home Batching Process

We are aware that a small number of providers have been contacting and arranging assessments with individuals during the batching process prior to confirmation from SPT that they are the highest ranked provider.  Please note that prior to contacting an individual to arrange an assessment you must first wait for confirmation from SPT that you are the highest ranked responding provider and agree an assessment with the co-ordinator.   This will allow SPT to maintain sourcing notes for the individual, and avoid the service user receiving multiple requests from providers to assess.

Please be aware that we have updated the Provider Hub with information about the batching process to try and ensure it is clear how this process operates, specifically in relation to assessments.

If you have any queries on the process please e-mail us at


Provider engagement survey - Intermediate Care and Domiciliary Services in Essex

Live at Home providers are invited to participate in a questionnaire to share your views on the existing intermediate care and Live at Home Services provided in Essex. Essex County Council alongside the Essex Care Association (ECA) as well as Clinical Commissioning Groups across the County have started to work together to review the existing intermediate care and Live at Home Service offer.

The programme is currently in the early stages and we would like to hear your views which will form part of our initial objectives and design for the new services.

Link to survey - Access the survey here

We would really value your response by 19/06/2019

If you have further questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact

Many thanks,

LAH project team

New Hub Safeguarding Content

The Safeguarding pages on the Hub have been updated with a new video from Fiona Davis, Director of Safeguarding and Quality Assurance, guidance documentation and contact details for the Safeguarding teams. You can access the new pages here - /quality/safeguarding/


Wishing Washing Line

A creation of My Home Life Essex community Friends and Neighbours Scheme, (FaNs Essex), the Wishing Washing Line helps connect older people living in care homes to their local communities.  It's a simple two-dimensional colourful display, normally located in a community space such as a Supermarket or community hub. The display takes the form of a garden scene with two washing lines hanging from each side of the board. Wishes of care home residents are hung on the line for members of the public to read and grant by making direct contact with the care home. For more information please view the attached flyer


PrescQIPP Mid - Expression of interest.

Mid Essex CCG has invested in a medication e learning package called PrescQIPP They have purchased a license for residential homes in the Mid CCG area to log in and utilise the e learning which comes in several different modules.

In addition to this Mid Essex CCG is considering the possibility of running some supplementary training aimed at supporting the development and implementation of PrescQIPP learning. This additional training would take the shape of three half day sessions with a focus on supporting and delivering  coaching techniques that will empower you to share learning with your colleagues  with the ultimate aim of changing culture and embedding good practice to ultimately improve the overall well-being of your residents.

If this is something that you feel would be of benefit to your home and you would want to take part can you please send your expression of interest by return e mail to Jenny Peckham, Quality Innovation Manager at Essex County Council  

Sport for Confidence

Sport for Confidence is a pioneering award-winning initiative that places allied health professionals into leisure centres to work alongside a coaching team to deliver sporting opportunities to people who face barriers to participation.

See attached for more information


Self Care

Please see attached article for guidance regarding self care, and information about using pharmacies for common conditions


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