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End of Life Special Edition

The End of Life and Dementia Teams

The End of Life care team consists of Gemma Campbell and Leanne Dunnage, who will be working to provide training that will improve the quality of end of life care across the county.

The Dementia team has recently extended to involve Jane Diplock, Charlotte Riley and Leanne Dunnage. They will be overseeing the Dementia Leadership and Train the Trainer programmes as well as some future projects.

You can contact any of these teams via


Dying Matters Awareness Week 14th-20th May

Dying Matters is a coalition of 32,000 people supported by NHS England and Hospice UK, who try to support and help people talk openly about making plans for the end of life, death and dying. Death is a natural part of life and by openly discussing it; people can enhance the quality of support and care they can receive during that time.

This year's theme of Dying Matters week is What Can You your community? It is a chance for everyone to do something that will provide people with an opportunity to talk about dying, death and bereavement.

Dying Matters Awareness week is a chance to get conversations about death and dying started. After all, if these wishes are discussed openly then it is more likely that you or your loved ones will be able to approach end of life and die in your preferred manner and in your preferred location. This also helps to make the grieving process easier for loved ones who will be able to take comfort knowing their loved ones wishes have been fulfilled.

To find out more about Dying Matters Awareness week and some events that may be going on near you, please see the link below:


Dying Matters Fair 16th May 2018 10am-4pm

The Innovation team have been working hard to organise a Dying Matters Awareness Fair. This is an event that is open to all who would like information around end of life, death and bereavement. It is a chance for care providers, health care professionals and the public to come together and understand what is available during this time in life. The Fair is being held at Chelmsford Cathedral on 16th May 10am-4pm.

Everyone is welcome, please feel free to invite along your family, colleagues and clients.

Who will be there?

There will be a range of 20 stallholders attending who can support those at the end of life and their loved ones. Information about these stallholders can be seen below:

H&R Healthcare will have products that are useful for palliative patients and families for skin and pressure protection. They will also be offering brief skin workshops for anyone with questions or queries.

Co-op Funeral Care will have staff available to talk to people about what we do after life to both families and carers. They will have information leaflets regarding "how to plan a funeral" at the time of need as well as planning ahead.

A Farleigh Hospice Information Team Leader & Macmillan Information and Support Manager will be in attendance alongside volunteers from Circle, Farleigh Hospices Bereavement Team. The information they are bringing along will reflect the collaborative nature of what they do around end of life and the support services they provide including how to access them.

Paul Billings from Just Wills & Legal Services Ltd is the company consultant for Essex and will be manning the stand at the Dying Matters Fair on 16th May. They will have information on providing Lasting Power of Attorney.

Carol and Sharon who are Faciliators for End of Life care at Provide will be available to offer advice and expertise to anyone who wishes to talk with them. Their stall will comprise of "Information About Me" documents as well as a range of other leaflets that signpost to different services.

Macmillan Cancer Service stand will have a range of information and support for cancer carers. They are able to provide a listening ear for emotional support, help with finances and Macmillan grants, cancer information and end of life planning. They will have a range of books and free Macmillan goodies available.

Please note that the poster for this event can be found within this newsletter for you to print off and display or send to your colleagues.

There will also be many other organisations in attendance to answer your queries around end of life care. Please come along to network and have your queries answered.


Power of Attorney

One of the aspects of end of life care that is often neglected until it is too late is having Power of Attorney in place. A power of attorney is a legal document that allows someone to make decisions for you, or act on your behalf, if you're no longer able to or if you no longer want to make your own decisions.

There are a number of reasons why you might need someone to make decisions for you or act on your behalf:

  • This could just be a temporary situation: for example, if you are in hospital and need help with everyday things such as making sure bills are paid.
  • Alternatively, you may need to make longer-term plans if, for example, you have been diagnosed with dementia and you may lose the mental capacity to make your own decisions in the future.

Please see the below website for more information:

6 Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care

1. Each person is seen as an individual

People want to be involved in the care they receive and should therefore be
given all the information, advice and support they need. It is feared that an individual's needs and wishes will be ignored so by having honest conversations and understanding their desires, their journey can be made easier.

2. Each person gets fair access to care

Everyone is entitled to receiving support that personally works best for them. By having close community partnerships, those who are looking for particular support can be directed to the appropriate facility.

3. Maximising comfort and wellbeing

When individuals have access to good and early palliative care, their quality of life is improved.

4. Care is coordinated

Sharing information when appropriate and necessary between different organisations reduces anxiety and frustration for the dying person and everyone who is important to them.

5. All staff are prepared to care

All carers are working in the home of their client, whether it be a residential, nursing or their own home. All staff must remember that they are not just going to work, but going to work in somebody's home.

6. Each community is prepared to help

Death and dying is not primarily a health and social care time in someone's life, but affects many.

You can find more information about these ambitions at


Dementia and End of Life

In 2015, the Office of National Statistics found that Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease was the leading cause of death for both men and women who were 80 years old or over.

It is important that anyone with a life-limiting condition has the opportunity to plan the end of their life, including the care they receive and their other wishes. Dementia is a life-limiting illness, but it is extremely hard to know how long a person with dementia will live for. Knowing their wishes as early as possible ensures they are able to make as many decisions as possible before they progress into the later stages of Dementia.

Conversations regarding the end of life choices of an individual are extremely difficult and upsetting, but they guarantee that a person's wishes are met. The Alzheimer's Society have a supporting document on End of Life care which includes information on communication, physical needs, decision making for people living with Dementia. If you would like to access this document, it can be found at this address:

End of Life Care and Dementia Training

Is there any particular training within these two areas that you would find beneficial for your care staff? Please send us your suggestions to

Celebrate your staff!

We want to hear from you about the wonderful care your staff are giving or have given to someone at the end of their lives for inclusion in future newsletters. Please feel free to submit any stories or photos of your staff at their best dealing with this trying time for your clients and any feedback they may have received. Let us celebrate their achievements.

Want to feedback?

Have you got a story you would like featured in the Innovation newsletter? Or if you have any comments/feedback, please email:

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