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Getting a break

Respite support from Essex County Council

If the person you look after has had an assessment of their needs, their care and support plan may have provision for respite care. 

The social worker who carried out the assessment will have considered the health and social care needs of the person that you are looking after, and which community care services best meet those needs. 

Through a support plan, respite care and assistance can be provided as:

  • support in a care home where the person you are looking after goes for a short stay
  • a day-sitting service where a home carer calls to allow you a break to go shopping, meet up with friends, or have time for yourself
  • day care, where the person you are looking after goes to a day centre, or takes part in activities away from home, allowing you a break from caring
  • help and support when you want to go on holiday by yourself, or with the person you care for

Other information and advice

NHS Carers Direct has useful information and advice on respite care and the value of breaks for carers.

Carers UK has advice on taking a break, as well as directories of respite care providers, and holiday companies which specialise in breaks for carers, or care holidays.  

The Carers Trust offers information on respite care.

Accuro have a friendship scheme which provides opportunities for adults with disabilities to take part in social and leisure activities within their local community. They operate in the Harlow and Uttlesford areas. This also allows carers to take a short break from their caring role. For more information, visit their Adult Friendship Scheme page.

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