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Prosper Hydration Poster Competition

The winning entries from the 2020 Prosper Champion Study Days Hydration Poster competition.

Howard Lodge - Their DRINK poster is informative with information on how to increase nutrition and hydration

Honey Lane - A simple yet striking Traffic Light poster for Nutrition and Hydraton 

The Oaks, Lexden - An eyecatching reminder to Eat right & Stay Hydrated to Feel Healthy poster a great reminder for both staff and residents!

Lime Court - A great reminder on boosting hydration throughout the morning with their Litre Before Lunch poster


Prosper Champion Profiles & Checklists


Provider Bed Rail Risk Assessment document 


Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24Provider Bed Rail risk assesssment

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24safe use of bed rails 

 Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24 Quick reference handling plan for residents room


Quality Improvement Methodology folder

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24A Guide to Quality Improvement 

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24PDSA Progress Worksheet

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24Blank Drive diagram

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24Target UTI leaflet


Falls folder

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24Falls Safety Cross

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24Falls Safety Stick

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24Falls Safety Feet

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24Falls Driver Diagram

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24Falls checklist

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24A basic guidance to good slippers

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24Tumbles 7 Steps Falls Prevention

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 2424hr Falls Clock 

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24Footwear, Ferrules and Frames (3 F's)

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24 Falls Monitoring Chart 


Pressure Ulcers

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24Pressure Ulcer Safety Bed

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24Pressure Ulcer Safety Cross

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24Pressure Ulcer- Driver Diagram

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24 Pressure Ulcer - Trigger Tool

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24 30 Degree tilt

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24 LOVE GREAT SKIN Nutrition Factguide

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24LOVE GREAT SKIN - Skin Inspection Sheet

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24 LOVE GREAT SKIN - A1 poster

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24 LOVE GREAT SKIN - keep moving factguide

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24 LOVE GREAT SKIN - Skin improve factguide

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24 PU Grading Chart

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24 Are your Patients Feeling The Pressure

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24 Prosper Compact Mirror & Blanching Keyring guidance



Useful Links:


Urinary Tract Infections Folder

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24UTI Safety Calendar

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24UTI Safety Cup

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24UTI Flow Chart

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24UTI - Driver Diagram

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24 UTI -  Prevention 


Nutrition/Hydration folder

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24Hydration Safety Cross

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24CHOICES OF HOT DRINKS

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24CHOICES OF COLD DRINKS

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24Hydration Fact Sheet

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24Hydration Boosters

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24Hydration Umbrella

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24Tackling Hydration to reduce UTI occurance 

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24 Food First - 100 calorie boasters 

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24 Nourishing Drinks

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24 Keeping hydrated

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24 Finger Foods

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24 Making Every Mouthful Count

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24 Keeping Healthy on a High Calorie Diet

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24 Gulp Dehydration Screening Tool


Oral Healthcare

Adobe _PDF_file _icon _24x 24Mouth Care Toolkit



Useful Links with resources:

Nutrition and Hydration Week

Think Kidney

Sepsis Poster


Good Hydration - Improving hydration for care home residents


Good hydration! - The urinary system - Part One


Good hydration! -Spotting the signs of dehydration - Part Two


Good Hydration! - Improving Hydration - Part Three 


Good hydration! - Medicines, kidneys and urine - Part Four 


Good hydration! - Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) - Part Five 


Good hydration! - Improving hydration through structured drinks rounds - Part Six 


Last Updated: 07 May 2021

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