Provider Registration Guide

  1. If you are CQC registered and have a CQC location in Essex you should already be on the system. Click here and on the search on the top right of the screen and enter your CQC location name. If it is there please email to get your password. When emailing please provide:
    • Provider name*
    • Username: usually your email address, but doesn't have to be.
    • First and Last name* of the main contact from your company
    • Email address* for set up of the account: the site will use this email address as the primary contact and will be used as part of the registration process. We will send you a temporary password to this address via the secure mail system Egress. If you don't have an Egress account there will be links in the password email to sign up. Registration is free. For more information go to
    • Please note: if you have more than one care home and would like to create a 'group' account please click here for instructions. 
  2. Once ECC have transferred the admin rights to you go to step 10 below. Please note your existing record will not be viewable on the directory until you have completed the remaining steps.
  3. If you are not a CQC registered provider, or are but do not have a registered CQC location in Essex, please click here and follow the next steps.
  4. Select the appropriate registration option: 'Care homes' = CQC registered residential services; 'Health Care Provider' = non-residential CQC services; and 'Provider' = all other businesses
  5. Depending on the option you select, you will be asked to answer questions for either 4 or 5 sections.
  6. Basic details about your business are requested (address, tel, email, contact etc)
  7. You will also be asked which category your business falls under - High, Medium or Low. Please read these options carefully and select the appropriate option.
  8. For certain services, eg Care Homes, specific details are requested eg. type of care
  9. Accept the Terms and conditions and press Complete Registration
  10. You will receive an email with a validation link which you need to click on within 24 hours. Please check your SPAM / Junk folders if it doesn't appear in your inbox. Once done you can log into the system
  11. You now need to add documents, details of services (click here for instructions on adding a service), your terms of conditions, upload a photo for your homepage etc. These are broken down into a number of sections which you need to complete.
  12. Once you have completed all sections click 'Apply for approval' which is a green button located under the sections you have just completed. Then on the next screen ('Approval request') you are asked to confirm you have completed all relevant sections. If you are happy click 'Apply'.
  13. ECC will then review your application and contact you directly if more detail is required.
  14. Once your application has been approved by ECC you will receive an email from informing you. When you next log in you will see the below details, which shows the options available to you to keep your account up to date.

*ECC will share these details with Healthwatch Essex in order to add their widget to your homepage. Healthwatch will email the contact named above advising when a review has been left about your service.

After Approval

Once approved ECC will add the Healthwatch Essex widget to your homepage. This will allow users of your services to rate their experience. The CQC widget, showing your rating, will also be visible on your homepage.

When you log in, in Account Management please check each of these sections to make sure all of the details are correct. Below are the main sections for you to check and update.


Here you can update the admin user details: Name, telephone number, email, password


Here you can update the business details which will appear on the directory: Business name, type, contact information (telephone, email, website), CQC location and provider ID's, postcode coverage (If community service)


As part of the approval process you should already have uploaded the appropriate documents


This is the text which will be visible on the directory to users of the site. You can also upload an appropriate image.


This is an important section. This is where you select specific details about the services you provide, for example nursing care, long term / respite etc. You can also select what facilities you have, for example a lift, close to shops etc. As well as this you add your pricing details. The more detail you provide the more likely your service will appear in a user search.


Please check the address is correct. You can add multiple addresses and name them.

Then on the next screen ('Approval request') you are asked to confirm you have completed all relevant sections. If you are happy click 'Apply'.

Please note your existing record will not be viewable on the directory until you have completed the remaining steps.