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Social Value Catalogue

Welcome to the Essex County Council Social Value Catalogue. Social Value matters to ECC. It ensures that collaboratively we make every pound work harder for our communities. So, let's start our social value journey together!

The catalogue is for an organisation considering bidding for ECC contracts, it is a repository of social value ideas, examples and resources to use when designing your social value offer, or if you are just trying to find out more about Social Value. It is not a definitive or comprehensive list, and there is no one size fits all solution. We encourage you to innovate.



1) Introduction to Social Value: Definitions and background information about the Social Value Act. Start here if you are new to Social Value.

2) Social Value at Essex County Council: How ECC evaluates, scores and monitors Social Value;  what you need to know before preparing your bid, and the ECC TOMs. 

3) Exploring the Social Value Themes: A deep dive into some of the Social Value Themes we use at ECC. Here we offer illustrative examples and, where available, tools to help you develop your own offer.

4) Entry-level employment and skills development: Guidance and resources specifically about planning and implementing apprenticeships, kickstart roles and other employment -related social value.

5) The Social Value Festival 2021: Slides, recordings and information from the first Essex County Council Festival, which took place on 19-22 July 2021


We will continue to add more guidance and examples, so please keep checking back to the site for more information. We welcome your feedback about what content would be most useful for you. Please contact us at to share your views.

We are providing links to external resources to aid general knowledge development only; these links do not imply endorsement of particular products, services or organisations. When bidding for ECC contracts always read the tender documents provided and follow the instructions carefully. Our aim is to promote understanding of social value.


Last updated: 12 July 2021

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