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Who might cause abuse?

The person who is responsible for the abuse is often well known to the person being mistreated or exploited. They could be:

  • spouses or partners
  • other family members
  • neighbours
  • friends
  • acquaintances
  • unpaid carers
  • a health or social care worker
  • any other paid staff or professional
  • another resident of a care home or user of a care service
  • someone who is supposed to provide a service to you
  • local residents
  • volunteers and strangers
  • people who deliberately exploit adults they perceive as vulnerable to abuse, whether those people are already known to the vulnerable adult or not (see our page on Scams and rogue traders for more information)

Whoever is causing the abuse, and wherever it happens, it is not acceptable, particularly when the victim is someone unable to properly protect him or herself.

If you think that you or someone you know is being subjected to abuse then please go to our page What to do if you think someone is at risk of being abused for advice and details on who to contact.

Alternatively, you can call AskSAL, the safeguarding adults in Essex service, on 0345 266 6663.

AskSAL can help you with anything from straightforward information and advice about abuse to the disclosure of a specific concern. They'll take your concerns seriously and ensure that it is investigated appropriately.

Other information and advice

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Suffolk County Council have produced an excellent video, which explains more about abuse and neglect, and may be particularly helpful for people with learning disabilities or dementia.

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The Easy Health website has gathered together various easy-read leaflets and videos which will help people with learning disabilities to understand what abuse is, and to know what to do if they think they are being subjected to abuse.

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