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Adult Social Care Message

Nick Presmeg our Director for Adult Social Care has provided a short message on the provider portal and the key messages for Essex. Adults Social Care operational activity and the general direction, challenges and needs within Essex.  Essex have a number of objectives that play a crucial part within working practice, these include:

  • To continue to support adults across Essex to live safely, with dignity and as independently as possible. 
  • We are committed to providing the best possible outcomes for Essex residents in spite of rising demand from an increasing older population and on-going pressure to deliver savings at a reduced cost.
  • Enabling people to have greater independence and contract over their lives by working in collaboration with our partners, providers and local communities - ensuring we operate within the resources available to us; by applying the principles of prevention, sustainability and best value. 
  • The best way to getting people to live independently is by working with the market and communities to provide a modern, sustainable and resilient offer: including digital and technology, and community solutions where appropriate. 



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Quadrant Based Working 

Essex County Council has specific quadrants across the authority. Each quadrant has a unique demography, which means that they slightly differ in complexities. For further information on locality complexities, developments or get to know your local director for local delivery visit each quadrant.  


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Last updated: 02 November 2017

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