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Annual Relationship Management Survey

Annual Relationship Management Survey

The relationship management paper included a recommendation to conduct an annual survey of providers and officers to measure the development of the relationships. We chose to do this through a Provider Survey and a separate Officer Survey.

The survey centered around the following questions and themes (in bold).

  • How well do care providers and ECC share information?
  • How well do we trust each other?
  • Inclusion and Involvement in Planning and Key Decisions that Impact Upon Service Users  How integrated is our working?
  • How well do we manage conflicts
  • Do we understand what our respective roles and responsibilities are?
  • How clear are we of our strategic direction
  • How responsive are we to each other's needs?


Live Surveys:

2018 Survey - Click here to access the survey

Survey Start Date: 27/11/2018

Survey Close Date: 04/01/2019




The results of the surveys are detailed below:

pdf2016 Survey Results

pdf2017 Survey Results


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