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Current and Future Procurement Opportunities

This page contains information about the current and future procurement activity that is taking place within Adult Social Care at Essex County Council.  It includes details on how to get involved and where to find out more information if we are currently undertaking procurement activity.

Essex County Council will advertise opportunities on Contracts Finder. Simply type 'Essex County Council' into the search to find ECC's notices. The Council also produces an Opportunities Listing which details all future business opportunities on a weekly basis. In order to take part in a particular opportunity, you will need to email the project team who will then be able to formally invite you to take part via our Delta eSourcing portal.


Independence and Recovery - Residential Care for Working Age Adults

We have worked successfully with providers over the last few years through approaches such as the Increasing Independence, Good Lives, Intensive Enablement and Supported to Independence programmes to enable people to lead independent fulfilling lives in their local communities. To continue to build on this success we are currently considering our contracting approach for residential care for adults with Learning Disabilities, Physical and Sensory Impairments and Mental Health conditions.  A number of options and opportunities are being explored to ensure that adults with the most complex needs can access specialist, high quality, recovery and independence focussed care in Essex.

As this work moves forward please look out for future updates including opportunities to shape ideas to ensure that our Service Users benefit from person centred, progressive and inclusive approaches to care which promote independence and recovery.  In the meantime if you would like to ensure that your contact details are up to date please get in touch on


Independence and Recovery for Adults with Mental Health Needs

Essex County Council Mental Health Accommodation Transformation

Essex County Council (ECC) is dedicated to improving Essex and the lives of our residents.  Our ambition is to deliver the best quality of life in Britain and we will achieve this by providing high quality, targeted services that deliver real value for money.

Mental health issues are widespread, at times disabling, yet often hidden.  People in all walks of life can be affected and for some people their mental health problems impact on their ability to have a settled place to live.

Safe, secure and stable housing is central to people's health and wellbeing, and this is especially so for people coping with mental health issues.

We have been talking to the market for a number of years about our ambitions to change the way these services are delivered.  From 2018, ECC will be starting the process to transform the way it provides care and support for those people who struggle to maintain their accommodation because of a mental health issue.


ECC currently has a number of different contracts in place to deliver the mental health accommodation pathway:

  • Residential placements
  • Intensive Enablement  (contract ended September 2018)
  • Supported to Independence (contract ended September 2018)

These contracts have been in place for many years and after talking to people with lived experience, providers and social care practitioners we have identified that we could deliver this type of care and support differently. 

People with lived experience told us that the current provision and the systems and processes that wrap around the services do not always provide the right support to help them recover as quickly as they could.  In particular people told us that they are afraid of living independently because if they become unwell again they are not sure where to go for support.   

We have a real opportunity to completely transform how we deliver these services and improve outcomes for people to ensure people with mental health needs:

  • Have their own front door and wherever possible are able to remain living where they are with care and support linked to the adult
  • Are in receipt of person centred support that focusses on their needs and outcomes and supports them to recover as quickly as possible
  • Are supported to build their own networks of support
  • Can live as economically active lives as possible.

We spoke to a number of you at the workshops we ran in October 2017 and you told us that to deliver the change would require us to consider phasing the change and allowing sufficient time for consortia of organisations to come together.

During March 2018, ECC cabinet took a decision to undertake the transformation in a phased approach.

Phase 1

For both Intensive Enablement and Supported to Independence we will be under taking competitive processes to secure provision for a two year period from October 2018 to September 2020.  Through this process we will be seeking to standardise all contracts and payment mechanisms and we will be moving Supported to Independence to a closed multi award framework.  These changes will enable us to target resources more effectively.

The two tenders will be issued as follows:

  • Intensive Enablement  - issued end May 2018 
  • Supported to Independence - issued end August 2018

08-08-2018 Intensive Enablement & Supported to Independence Tender Timescales - UPDATE

Please be aware that due to circumstances beyond our control we are still in process with regards to the award for Intensive Enablement. 

24-08-2018 Mental Health Accommodation Pathway - UPDATE

Please be advised that the Supported to Independence Tender 619 is now closed


Market Engagement

Date Event Venue Documents  
25/04/2018 Mental Health Accommodation Transformation Chapter House, Cathedral Walk, Chelmsford CM1 1NX    


How to Tender - Drop in Training

Chelmsford Library  


Phase 2

Our plan is that from October 2020 we will begin to deliver the long term model. 

There is no detail about this as we will be co-producing this with providers, people with lived experience and with social workers. However, there are some agreed key principles for the new model which we need to shape in to a workable model:

  • Care and support will be separated from accommodation
  • The pathway, with step down between different levels of support will end
  • Adults will be able to access support to maintain their current accommodation to prevent breakdown

From May 2018 onwards there will be opportunities for providers to come along to workshops to help inform the design of the new model.

Following the great response we had from providers at the workshops we ran during 2017 we are looking forward to continuing to work in partnership as we develop the long term model.

We will be issuing more detail about the tenders over the next few weeks and there will be opportunities to attend events and to talk to us. 


Integrated Residential and Nursing Framework 2019

The current framework agreement has been extended to June 2019 and will be replaced by the Integrated Residential and Nursing Framework 2019. This contract has been jointly developed by ECC, Basildon and Brentwood CCG, Castle Point and Rochford CCG, Mid Essex CCG, North Essex CCG, Southend CCG and West Essex CCG.

The tender is now closed for submission. It is planned that the framework will open up for new entrants again in December 2019. 


Live at Home Framework (LHRL)

The annual refresh of the LHRL is now closed.  This is an opportunity for providers on the existing framework to update their pricing, select new areas and services they wish to deliver and for new providers to join the framework.

Further details about the framework can be found on the Home Care page


Specialist Supported Living Service

Further to the Council's previous communications regarding the forthcoming specialist supported living service in Braintree, the authority can confirm that the evaluation and internal governance process for this procurement has duly been conducted.  As a result of this process, Creative Support Limited were identified as the successful candidate and were duly awarded the contract for this service.  Thereafter, Creative Support will formally commence the delivery of the requisite specialist support for a cohort of ten (10) adults with learning disabilities and/or autism who may also exhibit challenging behaviour.


Supported Living

Essex County Council is seeking to provide a structure to the existing supported living market, and intends to implement a framework through which all new placements will be made.

The project is currently in the design phase and we are considering a number of approaches.  Market engagement sessions were held in September 2017 to get feedback on the plans to date and guidance on a number of other issues. 



Last Updated:  3 April 2019

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