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Current and Future Procurement Opportunities

Advocacy Services (Adults)

The current advocacy contracts in Essex expire in June 2018.  Essex County Council is currently working on the scope and structure of the procurement process.  It is anticipated that the procurement process will commence in late 2017 or early 2018.

The procurement exercise will include the statutory advocacy services of Independent Mental Health Advocates (IMHA) and NHS Complaints Advocacy.


Carers Support Service

We are currently in the process of replacing our grant funded carers support service with a new countywide contract to support unpaid carers in Essex.  The new contract offers greater flexibility and innovation aimed at meeting the expected increases in demand for the service.

The new service will deliver:

  • A single point of contact to ensure that carers have equal access to information, advice, and support across the county.
  • Help for carers to build on their own networks of support and promote the development of peer support groups and networks.
  • Promotion of the needs of carers across organisations, communities and employers and supporting the development of carer friendly communities.
  • Support for carers to plan for the future, and to develop contingency plans in case of a crisis.
  • Support for carers to navigate the health, social care and welfare benefits system, and connect carers to the support that is available in their communities.
  • A programme to identify carers early, particularly in GP and hospital settings so that support can be made available as early as possible.
  • Provision of expert advice and support on the range of respite and short break services that are available for carers.

Essex County Council has recently been out to tender for this service and is currently evaluating the bids from providers.


Independence and Recovery - Residential Care for Working Age Adults

We have worked successfully with providers over the last few years through approaches such as the Increasing Independence, Good Lives, Intensive Enablement and Supported to Independence programmes to enable people to lead independent fulfilling lives in their local communities. To continue to build on this success we are currently considering our contracting approach for residential care for adults with Learning Disabilities, Physical and Sensory Impairments and Mental Health conditions.  A number of options and opportunities are being explored to ensure that adults with the most complex needs can access specialist, high quality, recovery and independence focussed care in Essex.

As this work moves forward please look out for future updates including opportunities to shape ideas to ensure that our Service Users benefit from person centred, progressive and inclusive approaches to care which promote independence and recovery.  In the meantime if you would like to ensure that your contact details are up to date please get in touch on


Independence and Recovery for Adults with Mental Health Needs

Essex County Council (ECC) is reviewing future options to deliver its Mental Health Recovery model for individuals and is currently seeking feedback from interested market experts.  We are in the process of holding a series of market engagement sessions to inform service development and it is our anticipation is that these sessions will also help to inform the development of the model through a full and open discussion.

Further information for interested parties to participate will be added to this page.


Live at Home Framework (LHRL)

The annual refresh of the LHRL will take place early in November 2017.  This is an opportunity for providers on the existing framework to update their pricing, select new areas and services they wish to deliver and for new providers to join the framework.

Further details about the framework can be found on the Home Care page

ECC have recently updated their tendering software to Delta eSourcing.  To make sure you are invited to either submit your bid for the first time or to submit your revised pricing matrix, please email with the appropriate contact email address for your organisation.  Once the tender is published your designated email address will receive an automated email either asking you to login to the system or to register to be able to access the documents and submit your response.


Older People Independent Living

Existing Schemes

ECC is currently finalising preparations for the procurement of the delivery of care and support services within three existing Extra Care (aka Independent Living) schemes in Harlow, Colchester, and Clacton. 

This procurement will be carried out as a single stage open process in compliance with the OJEU Regulations. It is anticipated that this procurement will be released in mid to late October 2017 with a new provider in place to commence delivery of the services in April 2018. 

This opportunity will be advertised via TED, Contracts Finder, and ECC's Opportunities Listing.


New Schemes

Essex County Council is looking to procure providers to design, build and operate two new Independent Living schemes at Coppins Court in Clacton and Hillhouse in Epping Forest.

The schemes are intended for people aged 55 and over with a minimum care need of 6 hours per week.

We will provide the land for both schemes to be built in exchange for nomination rights to the schemes and provision of affordable housing units in the community.

These schemes are now live procurement opportunities. The Contract Notice for these opportunities can be located here: 

These procurements are being undertaken via a two-stage process and the first stage (SSQ) is open until 8th November 2017.  Following this, bidders will be shortlisted for the second stage which takes place in December 2017 and January 2018. This procurement is being carried out via the Authority's e-procurement portal, BiP Delta. 

It is anticipated that further tender opportunities will be brought to the market in 2018.


Specialist Supported Living Service

Essex County Council is seeking to secure a provider to deliver specialist support within a supported living scheme in Braintree to a group of ten (10) adults with learning disabilities and/or autism who may also exhibit challenging behaviour.  The people within this scheme will require high levels of specialist support due to the complexity of their needs.

In addition, the successful candidate provider will be required to deliver a housing management service. This element of the service could be delivered in partnership with a housing provider and will include responsibility for maintaining and repairing the buildings, grounds, fixtures and fittings in a timely fashion appropriate to the adults needs.

Evaluation of the bids submitted is currently taking place.


Supported Living

Essex County Council is seeking to provide a structure to the existing supported living market, and intends to implement a framework through which all new placements will be made.

The project is currently in the design phase and we are considering a number of approaches.  Market engagement sessions were held in September to get feedback on the plans to date and guidance on a number of other issues. 


The Integrated Residential and Nursing Framework (IRN)

The annual refresh of the IRN will take place late in 2017 or early in 2018.  This is an opportunity for providers on the existing framework to update their pricing and for new providers to join the framework.

Further details about the framework can be found on the Residential and Nursing pages.  

This page will be updated with the relevant information about how to participate in the annual refresh once this is available.


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