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Home Care

If you are a provider who would like to work with us to provide home care/domiciliary services, you will need to sign up to become either a Spot provider or by bidding to become a provider on the Live at Home framework at one of the annual review points.

Further information can be found in the sections below about how to become a spot provider or how to join the Live at Home Framework.


Becoming a Provider on the Live at Home Framework 

The Live at Home framework (LHRL) and the LHRL annual review have now closed.  The annual review is an opportunity for domiciliary care providers who have not yet joined the framework, to apply to do so.  Benefits of being a part of the LHRL include:

  • Being offered packages before spot providers.
  • Participation in group transfer processes via group batching and/or mini-competitions that allow framework providers to bid for groups of packages prior to these being offered to the spot market
  • The opportunity to work more strategically with the Council to help shape the way Adult Social Care commissions domiciliary care services in the future.

Background information

The Framework is a ranked list of providers who can deliver long term homecare services to the residents of Essex.  Every provider who joins the framework has the opportunity to decide which client group they support, the services they can deliver and the districts within Essex that they can provide this support.

The Framework started in February 2017 and expires in February 2021. There are annual review points in November of each year where new providers are able to join the framework and existing providers are able to review the services they currently provide and make amendments to price and areas of supply. 

We will advertise when the framework is open for new entrants on contracts finder as well as advising of the opportunity in the Current and Future Procurement Opportunities section within Working with Us.  


Becoming a Spot Provider

Essex is currently looking for providers who can deliver services in areas where we have limited provision via our Live at Home Framework.  It is our expectation that any provider who becomes a spot provider to deliver services in these areas, will join our framework at the next available review point.

Further information on the areas where we have a shortage of supply and details on how to become a spot provider can be found on the Becoming a Domiciliary Spot Provider page.  


Other Services which support adults in their own home 

In addition to the Live at Home Framework, Essex buys two services which provide short term support to an adult in their own home.  Further details about these services can be found in the sections below.

Reablement at Home

Reablement at Home is a short-term personalised service for adults to maximise their independence, enabling them to remain living at home.  The ethos of reablement is to enable the adult to do things for themselves.  Reablement is person-centred with agreed individual goals and outcomes, reviewed regularly throughout the reablement period, with new goals set and therapy inputs adjusted as progress is made.

Reablement focusses on the adult's wellbeing by building on their strengths. It supports them to regain confidence, self-esteem and motivation; and develops outcomes to learn or re-learn the skills they need for everyday life, e.g. personal care, dressing, toileting, nutrition, meal preparation, domestic and cleaning tasks, washing, home safety, falls avoidance, managing medication, shopping, budgeting, and using public transport and local community facilities. Reablement also considers what equipment, adaptations, and assistive technology may help the adult to maintain their independence and teaches them how to use these to support themselves.

Reablement enables adults to achieve other goals such as maintaining relationships and social networks to maintain a purposeful role within their family and community.

The current contract has five lots aligned to the five Essex CCG's and started in May 2016 and lasts for a period of five years, expiring in May 2021.


Short Term Support in the Community

Short Term Support in the Community is a flexible, intensive, integrated short term support for Adults who have been assessed as requiring an intermediate care service whilst determining their long term needs; and are not suitable for the Reablement at Home service at the current time due to their complex health and social care needs.

The service aims to:

  • enable the Adult to remain at home by focussing on support, stabilisation, confidence building and recovery, ensuring that needs are met and agreed outcomes are achieved;
  • enable an early and safe transfer from hospital;
  • avoid delay discharge from hospital;
  • avoid and prevent any unnecessary hospital or residential care admissions;
  • meet an immediate support requirement within the community; and
  • ensure that decisions about any on-going care and support needs are made at the right point in time in an environment which is familiar for the Adult.

The current contract started in July 2017 and will expire in May 2021.



Last Updated:  7 January 2019

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