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Provider Forums

Quadrant Forums

ECC is committed to building relationships with its providers and we have set up a number of engagement channels to allow for better communication. We realise there is a need for providers to discuss issues face-to-face with senior ECC officers and so we have set up Quadrant Provider Forums. 

The purpose of these forums is for ECC, Health partners and providers to meet to discuss issues, better ways of working and enable better collaboration.

Contracted providers should be invited to the relevant forum for your area (Mid, North, South or West). If you haven't received an invite recently please email us (contact details below) with your preferred quadrant. 

Details of all forums, along with other ECC events, can be found in our Forthcoming Events page.

If you have attended an event and have feedback, or would like to add an item to the agenda of a future forum please let us know. We are also looking for providers who would like to present at these events. Please contact us to discuss.

Contact us:


Advisory Forum

ECC has created a new Forum which is designed to complement the existing engagement networks which we have in place.  It will provide advice and guidance to senior decision makers in the Council around how demographic and financial challenges can be met in ways which are more achievable for our providers whilst also better meeting the needs to our residents.  The Forum will therefore focus on key strategic matters rather than operational issues.

If you have any comments on the draft terms of reference please send them to

Minutes from previous forums can be found below:

Advisory Forum 25 October 2018 Meeting Notes

Advisory Forum 17 July 2018 Meeting Notes

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