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Rate Uplifts

Older People Residential and Nursing Uplifts 2019/20


The Council appreciates that the National Living Wage has increased for providers as of April 2019. To date there has been a lot of internal discussion about fee increases for the 2019/20 financial year. The discussions and decision for older people residential and nursing care will shortly be finalised. Once a decision has been made providers will be notified accordingly via this page.


Adults with Disabilities Residential - 2019/20 

Essex County Council (ECC) has taken the decision to uplift the existing care rates on all current placements with providers for residential services delivered to adults with learning disabilities, physical impairments, and sensory impairments.

ECC continues to operate within a very challenging environment, and tight financial constraints. There is a duty to ensure that public funds are being spent responsibly, and best value continues to be achieved in all services that we procure on behalf of our residents.

Against this backdrop and with a focus on affordability for ECC, it is proposed to increase the rates of all current placements within residential settings for adults with disabilities by 1% from 1st April 2019. Please note that this increase is only to be applied to packages placed within Essex, and will not be applied to any placements that have been made out of county.

The mechanism for implementing the increase in rates is still being determined so please continue to invoice ECC at your current rates for the time being, and further communication will be issued to confirm the rates that will be paid and how the changes are to be made.

Should there be any queries relating to the uplift proposed please get in touch with us at


Adults with Disabilities Supported Living - 2019/20 

Please see the Supported Living Fee uplift letter (below) for information on the 19/20 Supported Living uplift.

Supported Living uplifts 2019/20 Letter


Live at Home Uplifts - 2019/20

Following the annual price review, the Council considers the minimum rate for a supplier to be able to meet all of its legislative requirements to be £15.28 per hour for standard domiciliary personal care (£11.76 for 24hr care and night sleeping services).  On 7th April 2019, any package below this rate was increased to the new minimum rate.  This applies to placements made under the Live at Home Framework Agreement (LAH), the Home Support Services Spot Contract (HSS Spot contract), and the Best Value Ranked List (BVRL) Framework Agreement.  This does not apply to supported living packages.

Providers who are part of the Live at Home Framework are able to select a rate from the published price matrix, which they may adjust at each annual review point.  Please note existing package prices will remain unchanged until there is a change to the package (for example an increase or decrease in hours of care), at which point the new rate will apply.

If you believe you are delivering standard domiciliary personal care at a rate below the minimum then please contact us at giving the package details for the Procurement Team to investigate.

Attachments (pdf): 1) Letter sent to existing framework providers; 2) Letter sent to new framework providers; 3) Letter sent regarding Spot and BVRL rates 


Adults with Mental Health Intensive Enablement, Residential and Supported Living Uplifts - 2019/20

Intensive Enablement and Supported to Independence will not receive an uplift for 2019/20 as these have recently been through a tender exercise and the chosen supplier pricing will apply to all placements. 


Last Updated: 9 May 2019

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