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Rate Uplifts



Updated: 20 November 2018

We are in the process of implementing the agreed provider uplifts for 2018/19 (statements below). Unfortunately this is a manual process and therefore is not expected to be completed before the end of December.

We are currently just over 1/3 of the way through.


Uplift Statement October 2018 

Please read the following prior to the statements for each service area below.

There is a lot of pressure on Essex County Council budgets due to austerity and increased demand however we also recognise that there is cost pressure within the market place in terms of minimum wage, pensions, and general cost inflation.

Essex County Council also wanted to develop a standardised approach to the market for 2018/19. Therefore balancing all these factors we have agreed an uplift of 2% commencing from 1st October 2018. This uplift does not apply to services that have been through a procurement process in the last year or to placements made after April 2016.

This amount will need to be rounded (to 2 decimal places). To administer the uplift on our systems, the total weekly fee needs to be divisible by 7 for residential placements and the hourly rate needs to be divisible by 4 for supported living.

We will start to implement the uplift as soon as possible but as this process is manual this will take some time to complete. Suppliers whose uplifts are applied later in the process will have their uplift backdated

Out of county placements are not included



Older People Residential and Nursing Uplifts


Essex County Council (ECC) has conducted its market sustainability review this year and as a result we are currently in the process of identifying service user(s) who meet the agreed uplift criteria as per pdfthe letter sent out to care providers across Essex. If you have read the letter and believe that service users who are residents at your home qualify for the 2017/18 uplift we will be more than happy to investigate this, please contact us at detailing the Residential/Nursing Home Name, resident(s) name and Date of Placement.


To enable ECC to target resources to where they are most needed the increase is targeted to all spot packages that are below a cap of £668.37 for residential care and £681.02 for nursing care and where the placement was made before April 2016.

Packages where the 2% increase would take them above the cap will be increased to the cap only.

The same applies for packages pre the current IRN contract. 


Adults with Disability Residential - 2018/19 

Please refer to the uplift statement (October 2018) at the top of this page.


Adults with Disability Supported Living - 2018/19 

Please see the Supported Living Fee uplift letter (below) for information on the 18/19 Supported Living uplift.

To clarify the letter; invoices for the 1st of October 2018 to 9th of February 2019 should only be calculated using support hours which have been delivered.

So therefore eligible providers will not be able to submit the invoice until after the 9th of February, as the provider will not know the total of actual delivered support hours until after the date period.

Supported Living uplifts 2018/19 Letter


Live at Home Uplifts - 2018/19

Essex County Council is committed to ensure the stability of the market and ensuring people are paid a fair wage. Therefore following our market analysis ECC consider the minimum rate for a supplier to be able to meet all of its legislative requirements is £14.68 per hour for standard domiciliary personal care (£11.76 for 24hr care and night sleeping services). Any package below this rate was increased to the new minimum on 12th February 2017.

The above only applies to placements made under the Live at Home Framework Agreement (LAH),  Home Support Services Spot Contract (HSS Spot contract), or the Best Value Ranked List (BVRL) Framework Agreement.

If you believe you are delivering standard domiciliary personal care at a rate below the minimum then please contact us at detailing the service user(s) name and packages details for the Procurement Team to investigate.

Providers who are part of the Live at Home Framework are able to select a rate from the published matrix, which they are able adjust at each annual review point. Please note existing packages will only transfer to the newly selected rate if there is a change to the current package.

Attachment: pdfCopy of the letter sent to the market regarding uplifts for 2018/2019.


Adults with Mental Health Intensive Enablement, Residential and Supported Living Uplifts - 2018/19

Intensive Enablement and Supported to Independence are not included as these have recently been through a tender exercise and the chosen supplier pricing will apply to historic placements. 


Last Updated: 7 February 2019

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