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Rate Uplifts

Our Uplift policy for the year 2020/21 has now been finalised.

A great deal of work has been undertaken in the past year to better understand the pressures in the market and the differing cost bases of providers providing care commissioned by Essex County Council (ECC).

In line with increasing costs to providers ECC has approved a strategic approach to the award of uplifts within this sector.

It is acknowledged however that as a local authority we continue to operate in times of financial constraints, and as such the approach taken is reflective of this.

In addition to letters being sent to individual providers an outline of the policy is given below:


Older People Residential and Nursing Uplifts

Outstanding Uplifts from 2019/ 20.

Payments for this period will be applied along with the uplift for 2020/21. Qualifying payments will be made to all placements made by ECC prior to the 1st April 2017.  2% will be applied from 1st April 2019, capped at a maximum price of £593.74 for residential care and £724.36 for nursing. The backdated element of this uplift is currently being calculated and will be paid as a lump sum

Uplift for 2020/21

All placements made by ECC prior to the 1st April 2018 will be uplifted by 2% from 1st April 2020 capped at a maximum price of £632.94 for residential care and £765.66 for nursing. We are aiming for these uplifts to be applied by the end of May.

Given the current situation the annual Integrated Residential and Nursing framework refresh exercise has been suspended until further notice, as this is a time-consuming exercise for both care home providers and ECC staff when we are all rightly focusing our attention on supporting our vulnerable adults. We are currently looking at mechanisms to apply an uplift to new rates and will be in touch with providers shortly to advise you of our plans in this area.


Adults with Disabilities Residential

Uplift Approach 

  • An increase of 3% will be awarded to all packages placed with homes within the bounds of Essex, and which are below £2,200.
  • Any package of £2,200 or higher will be required to make an application to ECC for an increase up to 3%, through completion of a pricing matrix (see link below).
  • Notwithstanding the above, all providers will be required to confirm acceptance of new terms and conditions for their existing residential placements in order to be eligible for an increase to their packages. The terms and conditions are listed here.

Providers confirm acceptance of these terms and conditions this must be indicated by completing the return at the bottom of this letter and sending it back to ECC at Providers will have until 31st May 2020 to confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Where placements are in excess of £2,200 providers are requested to download the Residential Home Breakdown document attached here and to return this to on completion.


Adults with Disabilities Supported Living

The following principles apply:

  • all supported living day and night awake hourly rates below £15.92 will be increased to the rate of £15.92.
  • the supported living enhanced rate £17.80 will be payable on application where the service user is deemed to have high complex needs. ECC has a set of criteria that will be used to determine the complexity of individuals and the service they use. Those individuals who applied for and were confirmed as complex in 2019/20 will not need to do so again.

The effective date for the new rates is 5th April 2020, in line with ECC's payment cycles.


Live at Home Uplifts

Following the annual price review, the Council considers the minimum rate for a supplier to be able to meet all its legislative requirements to be £16.56 per hour for standard domiciliary personal care (£11.76 for 24hr care and night sleeping services).  On 5th April 2020, any package below this rate will be increased to the new minimum rate.  This applies to placements made under the Live at Home Framework Agreement (LAH), the Home Support Services Spot Contract (HSS Spot contract), and the Best Value Ranked List (BVRL) Framework Agreement.  This does not apply to supported living packages.

Providers who are part of the Live at Home Framework should have already submitted a new price from the published price matrix. Please note existing package prices will remain unchanged until there is a change to the package (for example an increase or decrease in hours of care), at which point the new rate will apply. This is the last review of the current framework contracts and we are currently working on a new solution for 2021.  

If you believe you are delivering standard domiciliary personal care at a rate below the minimum then please contact us at giving the package details for the Procurement Team to investigate.


Adults with Mental Health Intensive Enablement and Supported to Independence.

An uplift will apply in this area for suppliers who are on our intensive Enablement contract or on our supported to independence framework. There are no uplifts being applied to block or Spot contracts.

The changes are in line with our policy in supported living for adults with disabilities.

For Supported to Independence

  • all supported living day and night awake hourly rates below £15.92 will be increased to the rate of £15.92.

For Intensive Enablement

  • all Intensive enablement day and night awake hourly rates below £17.80 will be increased to a rate of £17.80


Adults with Mental Health Residential placements other than those on our IRN contracts.

No across the board uplift to be applied for this area. Providers will need to apply to ECC for an increase and will be required to provide evidence through completion of a pricing matrix and may also need to include a review of the adult(s) being supported to ensure that their package is right size to meet needs.

It is our expectation that the majority of service users should be supported by a recovery focused model to decrease dependency over time.


Last Updated: 3 April 2020


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