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Supported Living

Supported Living

Essex County Council operates a Supported Living Scheme Approval Process which all new supported living schemes must fully pass through before the scheme is listed as a void.

This approach started in April 2017 and existing schemes pre April 2017 will also go through the same process when a void tenancy arises.

The purpose of this approval process is to ensure good quality and stable schemes are available to adults and also to support partner organisations to develop new supported living services to meet present and anticipate future demand.

If you are interested in developing a new supported living scheme in Essex it is strongly encouraged that you discuss your proposals with ECC first.  This enables a constructive dialogue to take place so that you can be given feedback on your proposal and be supported through the process.

Please use the below email address for all enquiries. Early stage discussions on demand and strategic intent are also welcome.

Further information about Supported Living and our Commissioning Intentions is contained within the Vision section of this website.  This can be accessed using the link below:

Supported Living Commissioning Intentions


Last Updated:  24 September 2018

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