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Supported Living

Supported Living

The Supported Living Accommodation Requirements set out the requirements for the quality of Supported Living accommodation for adults with disabilities in Essex and outside of Essex, for services commissioned by Essex County Council.

Essex County Council's strategic intention is that all the Supported Living Schemes in the administrative county of Essex will provide good quality accommodation to adults and support them with gaining independence, meeting their assessed outcomes and living meaningful lives.

The Supported Living Accommodation Requirements document specifies the standard for good quality Supported Living accommodation. Essex County Council will consider these requirements before on-boarding a property.

Further to this, the Supported Living On-Boarding process document gives full information on the procedures followed to on-board Supported Living accommodation.

The following documents describe the requirements and the on-boarding process:


Supported Living Framework

Essex County Council has procured a framework for all new supported living services within Essex, which commenced on 1st March 2021.

This framework will be utilised by the Council for making all new placements into supported living services and settings. The framework is intended to re-open on a regular basis to allow for new entrants and all re-openings will be advertised by Essex County Council on the Find a Tender Service, Contracts Finder, and the Council's website.

Access the full list of providers currently on the framework and FAQs around the framework and how it operates.

Read further detail around the Council's approach to supported living services, including accommodation standards and commissioning intentions.


Existing Providers

Under the framework, existing providers can amend existing accommodation or bring forward new accommodation for Essex County Council to make placements at but this must follow the processes outlined within the framework contract.


Amending Existing Accommodation on the Framework

Providers are able to make changes to existing schemes on the framework at any time, which we call the 'Permitted Variations Process' and which covers:

  • 'General Home Information' - contact details, number of available tenancies, shared hours, accessibility changes etc
  • 'Current Vacancies' - to be notified to the Council by the Provider throughout the term of the Framework,

Where a change covered by the above is proposed the provider will need to complete the 'Existing Scheme Variation Form' and email it to the

Once received the changes can be made to the specific record on the High Level Matching Tool. This must be done within 30 days of receipt of the form and an email will be sent to the provider confirming that the changes had been processed.


Adding New Schemes to the Framework

Providers that have a place on our framework are able to bring forward new accommodation at any time. This is however still subject to the Accommodation Planning Board (APB) process (see here for more information)

New schemes are also distinct from those where we already have placements but a provider has maybe not onboarded to the framework for whatever reason. Any schemes where we already have placements will not need to go through the APB process to come on to the framework but would need to have been onboarded in order for us to make new placements.

Where a new scheme is onboarded through APB and is to be put on the framework the provider has to complete the 'Additional Scheme Form' with all of the details of the scheme. This must then be emailed to

Once the provider submits an 'Additional Scheme Form' the scheme will be added to the High Level Matching Tool within 30 days of receipt of the form and an email will be sent to the provider confirming that the addition has been processed.

Full details of both processes can be found within the contract schedules, a copy of which can be found here: Contract Schedule (Zip file) 


Further Information

Further information about Supported Living and our Commissioning Intentions is contained within the Vision section of this website.  This can be accessed using the link below: Supported Living Commissioning Intentions

Read updates on Supported Living on our Facebook page:


Last Updated:  26 March 2021

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